Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots: Platinum (PS3) - £12.99 Delivered @ HMV
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots: Platinum (PS3) - £12.99 Delivered @ HMV

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots: Platinum (PS3) - £12.99 Delivered @ HMV

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Good price

Nov 2009

Set in a battle-scarred future where war has become business carried out by mercenaries and machines, this visually stunning title sets new boundaries for gameplay and cinematic experiences in videogaming. The refined control system allows for some of the coolest gameplay ever seen as players guide Snake through to the end of his worn torn journey and tie up loose plot ends.

Additions to Metal Gear Solid 4 include rumble support for the new DualShock 3 controller, full 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound support and more interactivity during the cutscenes such as allowing users to change angles and summon flashbacks.

The final part of this must have title comes in the form of Metal Gear Online, included with MGS4. Initially compromising of five unique online stages created using Guns of the Patriots technology, Metal Gear Online allows up to 16 people to play simultaneously in five different modes ranging from standard Deathmatch to Team Deathmatch, Capture and Sneaking missions.

Game Features

The final chapter of the Solid Snake saga

Infiltrate all new battlefields with all new gear

Enhanced close quarters combat system

Octocamo Suit absorbs background detail for added disguises

Metal Gear Online included with game


Still the best game I've played on all systems in this gen.

Platinum packaging looks about as attractive as Tesco Value packaging.

Great game tho!

Great price and great game one of PS3 best titles :thumbsup:

One of my favourite games.
Also one of the few games to get a 10 from IGN.

Some good gameplay, good boss fights, alot of tedious cut scenes that drag on. Like an interactive animated film.

I went to purchase this and after adding to the basket the price jumps back to the original £17.99. :x

I shall contact HMV, probably just put the price back to the original though. :x

This games cut scenes sent me to sleep when playing at night. Looks amazing but often boring. I loved and completed all the previous MGS. Didn't bother with this one.

Excellent price though.

anyone knows when the trophies are coming out?

i completed GTA and the trophies came out 2 days after.........dont want to do the same with this so ive never completed it.

im on the second chapter and so far its good.........im addicted to trophies though =(

just about to buy and went to full price! gutter!


just about to buy and went to full price! gutter!

i went to buy it whne it was £12 and when added to the basket it jumped to full so i emailed to see what was happening. not had a reply but they seem to have pushed the price up :x

can get this for £12.50 at play, but have to buy another game for £12.50...in their 2 for £25 promotion

plenty to choose from from all formats..
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