Metal Gear Solid 4 MGS4 for PS3 also £9.97 @ PC World

Metal Gear Solid 4 MGS4 for PS3 also £9.97 @ PC World

Found 23rd May 2009
Firstly thanks must go to the original poster of the deal for Currys!…tr/

I too went looking for MGS4 in Currys and was disappointed to afind it out of stock! I did however see the Battlefield Bad Company listed at £9.97 - a deal which I saw on HUKD for PC World.

I therefore thought maybe the reverse applies and popped into the PCWorld to be disappointed seeing MGS4 in stock but with a sticky label listing £19.97. So trying my luck I went to the till and asked for a price check - HEY PRESTO it was £9.97!

For all you people missing out in Currys try your local PC World as they have it scannign through the tills at £9.97!

PS. This si the original version not the Platinum edition!


Original Poster

Why cold?

no idea, seems a good deal to me

its not available on xbox.

smokin deal if u ask me!


its not available on xbox.smokin deal if u ask me!

andf when did it come out on xbox 360. wait think bout it. i think itz cold due 2 dixison currys pc world all the same company

go to deal url doesn't work, plus it looks like an affiliate link to me

Would this be nationwide?

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I would virtually guarantee its nationwide, as the Currys deal was, and it is a 97p offer, which means they are clearing out old stock probably to replace it with the PLATINUM EDITION.

I hope pc world are open today


If it isn't try Currys

Yeah I tried both.

has anyone got any offers on the new UFC2009 game? really want it but i dont want the current price
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