Metal Gear Solid V: GroundZeroes Xbox One Asda £7.50

Metal Gear Solid V: GroundZeroes Xbox One Asda £7.50

Found 6th Jan 2015Made hot 6th Jan 2015
I saw this today, reduced to £7.50 in Asda Huddersfield. CEX currently have it listed for £15 second hand.

They had about five copies, not sure if its national.

They also had Sleeping dogs for £15 and Hobbit: Lego for £12

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Anyone else confirm if this is national or store specific?

Solid deal. Heat

They also had a lot of ps4 games in the Huddersfield branch, they had them by the TVs if anybody is popping into that store

That's going to be store specific

(Heat though)

Must check out my local

Looks like a store specific sticker on the photo. Still hot for any Huddersfield locals, though.

Any PS4 games??

That's a massive sales sticker

I saw some ps4 games like infamous first light for £7.50 and trials fusion for £12.50 but I don't have a ps4 but the games available looked like games that have been in bundles, still sealed but sold off cheap. It looked the same for the Xbox one games. Don't shoot the messenger :-)


Any PS4 games??

Any reduced stickers like that are store-specific markdowns.

Cold, sticker isn't big enough.

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yes, they did also have some ps4 games. not sure what they were and they only had a handful, much more xbone ones...

Should be the RRP as it's basically a tech demo, £15 in my local ASDA in Widnes..

Just remember this game was a test run for the full game they are releasing this year, i bought it from the microsoft dashboard for £11 thinking i was getting a bargain only to realise its probably only a quarter of a finished product. The older games on the playstation 1 or 2 had much funner controls and gameplay in my opinion.

Heat added if your in that neck of the woods though, because its the cheapest you will get it. And we are all about the deals!

Just be aware you can complete the main game in like an hour.
It took me 3 and half hours to complete everything.
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