Metal Model Kits (Plane, Buggy, 4x4) @ @99p Stores

Metal Model Kits (Plane, Buggy, 4x4) @ @99p Stores

Found 4th May 2012
Meccano style kits for kids, found in 99p store in Bracknell.

There were three different kits available, the Go Kart pictured here, a Plane and a Jeep type car.

Kits include tools needed (screwdriver and spanner).

73 pieces in total. Box says 3+ but can't think of many 3 year olds that would have the skill to put these together.

Sorry for wonky photo....
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They are not bad - they actually have some in poundland as well. Though sometimes it's frustrating when certain parts are missing and you can't complete the model and you can't be bothered bringing it back as 99p not worth it!
These are a nightmare to put together, so fiddly and once you have assembled it you cannot really play with it.
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