Metal Xmas tree stand. Scanning at 99p in Dunelm

Metal Xmas tree stand. Scanning at 99p in Dunelm

LocalFound 1st Dec 2013
Just nipped in Dunelm in Derby to pick a metal christmas tree stand up that are £14.99. They have Red, Green & Black. For some reason (maybe last years) a couple of the red ones had tags on for £12.99. Identical to other red ones and colours, but £2 cheaper.

Even better, it scanned at 99p!

Barcode: 5050210818679

There was at least one more red stand priced at £12.99 on the shelf. If you can find other colours at £12.99 I reckon they'll scan at 99p
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They're nice stands as well.
good if you get it at 99p, otherwise the range have ones alot better "santas boot etc"
It looks like something from the 16th century
They also sold a plastic Christmas snowy scene version, but i preferred the traditional looking one.
Can't find them in any of the stores in Belfast, good price though.
nice find.......well done
You must have been really lucky, same in my local DM shop, but for £14.99 and it has different bar code too only looks the same as yours :-(
Well done with your find though!
damn! just bought one in Homebase for £18 :-(
Still on?
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