Metro 2033 (PC DVD) RRP: £39.99 now £9.91 @ Amazon
Metro 2033 (PC DVD) RRP:  	£39.99 now £9.91 @ Amazon

Metro 2033 (PC DVD) RRP: £39.99 now £9.91 @ Amazon

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cheap right?


Zavvi are 4p more: zavvi.com/gam…tml

But zavvi do cashback of 3.5% on games so after that means zavvi costs a little less lol. Up to the consumer though. I'd rather go with amazon, zavvi failed to even get stock for 2 weeks and still sold the game as in stock.

Heat for hassle free deal.

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No PC games start at £39.99 ....

Great price as it seems to include Red Faction with it also still.

Good find....another one for the long, lonely and dark winter nights!!

I enjoyed this, good price HNR

great game played an hour and on my list to finish it


great price, it seems to include Red Faction with it also still. IN all, l like it

The AI is crap, but I really enjoyed the story.

I have heard good things about the game.
It would be a good idea to check if your pc meets the spec before buying it.


this any good? heat added for cheap price

This price sounds just about right for this. I bought it near release day for £26 and was severely disappointed as the game is extremely linear and it took me only 11 hours to complete the thing (and I play pretty slowly, searching all rooms etc.). Its a shame as the world feels so alive and atmospheric but they haven't made any use of it as there's no real point of exploring. Plus it uses Steam which means you can't sell the game after you played it to recoup some of the cost. But guess its worth it for under a tenner.
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No PC games start at £39.99 ....

Pretty much all big PC releases RRP at £39.99, just like most Xbox 360 and PS3 releases RRP at £49.99+. An oddity of the UK market I guess, games are nearly always £10-£15 cheaper than their RRP at launch.

LOL @ RRP. Recommended Ridiculous Price

Excellent price for a terrific game. Yes, you can criticise the AI and the weapons feels woefully underpowered at times (or I may just be a carp gamer ) but the atmosphere and general ambience of the setting bear comparison with the best of the best (Bioshock, Fallout 3). Really enjoyed it.

Will give heat once I finish sobbing over the price I paid for it a few weeks back, and what this price is going to do to its trade-in value oO


Same price at Asda Online and they do 8% Quidco cashback.

Got mine today, package does indeed still come with red faction, so two great games for £9.91
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