Metro 2033: The Last Refuge PC @Coolshop 21.49 Shipping inc.

Metro 2033: The Last Refuge PC @Coolshop 21.49 Shipping inc.

Found 7th Mar 2010
This my first deal. Maybe somebody will find it useful

Location - post-apocalyptic Moscow, the life of humanity gleams in metro (subway) tunnels, and the stations turned into small states with different political regimes.
Variety of gameplay styles - possibility to play as a heavy strike fighter, as an inconspicuous killer.
A player, who attentively follows the events in the game world, will find out ways to influence the advance of the plot and may reach the non-standard end. Besides the basic plot, there is a variety of non-obligatory tasks.
In station-cities it is possible to meet as fighters, as peaceful citizens and the station lives its own life independent from player. Children run and play among dwellings, adults are busy with different businesses - women cook meals, sew; men have discussions, clean weapons, drink tea or home-brew, read books; old people seat near tents.
The high-level AI empowered to model the NPC behaviour in close combat similar to real people actions. The enemies may conduct simple and aimed fire, avoid line of fire, hide in covers, ambush and attack suddenly, call for help, and mention a character hidden in shadow.
A number of various anomalies: gravitation distortion, energy clot (looking at some of which the character may perish), intelligent immaterial images, which punish with death for any aggression at their presence and many other, the role of which will be discovered only before the game release.
Ammo-money. Fire off money or be economic, use tactics.


nice find. coolshop seem to be leading the way with most pre order games for the pc at the mo. great service from them 2

nice one mate
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