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(Almost) Free business banking -  as long as you keep your balance over £5k, there are no account fees @ Metro bank
Found 16th Nov 2017Found 16th Nov 2017
Looking at setting up a a business and found all banks are charging for business bank accounts (although can't understand the rationale for doing so - they make money off someone i… Read more

Thanks OP. Nice deal.


Give me the link please


Accuse me of being a pessimist about the fee free banking. As long as you keep your balance over £5000, it doesn't necessarily mean it's free, because they probably pay you s#it for having the money with them anyways. I have an account with Lloyd's TSB and they offer the same deal in a round about way. They charge the fees and then refund them at the end of the statement. Oh! And you don't need a balance of £5000. Not voted either way.


When the bank finds out that you are using a personal account for business transactions, they'll close it and all other accounts of the account holders. Mazel Tov!


Actually, most lay clients, I find, don't really care for the ins-and-outs chapter and verse justification. They just want to know the bottom line.

Metro Bank: Five-year fixed rate mortgage 2.54% at 90% LTV with a £999 fee
Found 27th Oct 2017Found 27th Oct 2017
Hey, looking for a mortgage at 90% LTV and want to fix for five-years? Metro Bank has reduced its rates, making it a top player in the 90% market. You can fix for five years … Read more
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Hey... It takes account of the property's new value. So if your house is worth £200k in five years time and you owe £125k you're new loan-to-value (LTV) will be 62.5% and you'll be eligible for mortgage deals up to that maximum (although in reality the LTV bands tend to be 60%, 70%, 80% etc). The lower the LTV, the better the mortgage deal you can get. Hope that helps.


I'm remortgaging with Santander. 1.94% and no fees on 75%LTV. Also 1% cash back on the 123 account which makes it even better.


Yorkshire Building Society - 5 year fixed - 85% LTV - 2.12% - £995 fee - I have been there customer for nearly 5 years, brilliant service.


Does anyone know what happens after the 5 years, when it is time to remortgage, in terms of the new home value vs what equity has been paid already? So let's say I bought home at £165K. Paid off £40K for the 5 years Fixed term. Is the new remortgage gonna be based on the left equity of £125K? Or does it take into account that the house may have increased in value during the 5 years and interest costs? Sorry for the ignorance, but I am unclear on this and could not find a straightforward answer on the web.


I just remortgaged with atom, got 2.39% for 5 years with no fee but I did have 85% LTV. Was very painless tbh. I did get charged some fees, but they related to buying out the government share of my property not the mortgage itself.

Metro Bank fixed rate mortgage - 5 year @ 1.84% (65% LTV)
Found 16th Feb 2017Found 16th Feb 2017
I've been considering a 5 year fix (65% LTV) and came across this which I thought was pretty decent? There's a £999 product fee but free legal assistance and valuation. (1.99% wi… Read more

Thanks for the reply .Would you please show working how you got to the rough 2.04% ? I am interested in finding out the actual percentage with fees for the 1.84%+999fees. That link is also very helpful as it shows my total paying costs.


You also need to factor In the term and repayment amount, As a rough guide 2.04% Probably worth putting your details in Put your rate with fee and the rate without fee and compare the repayment on each


So if I took the 5year for 1.84%+£999 fees and my mortgage was £100k how much is the actual % I am paying over the 5 years ?


it depends how big your mortgage is, how interest is calculated, etc. As a basic calculation, for example a £100k mortgage over 5 years, a £999 fee would be £200 a year. approx 0.2% ie a Fifth of 1% pa, on the other hand if your mortgage is only £50k then it would be 0.4% (2/5ths of 1%).


can we stop the BS about America and give some constructive advice to my earlier questions

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5 Year fixed rate mortgage 2.14% with 65% LTV includes Legal assist & no valuation or application fee with Metro Bank
Found 13th Oct 2016Found 13th Oct 2016
Great rate for 5 year fixed rate deal with legal assist & no valuation fee!! NO application fee either.. 65% LTV required
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check out Quidco or TCB for free advice and cashback. every little helps


I don't think you'll see much of a rate drop if the base rate is to go to down to 0.1% anyway. Carney has said that he is willing to overshoot 2% inflation without raising the BoE rate but most banks only passed on about half of the recent drop anyway. I've got just got a 1.94% 5 yr fixed with Halifax and there was a 1.34% 2 year fixed as well. You're not going to see mortgage rates drop much below that - the margin just doesn't justify the capital and risk.


Got there in the end :-)


22.5k cash deposit (15%) and 30k HTB (20%)


the question from the person asks how much the deposit woulf be on a 150k house on HTB it doesnt ask the deposit for this 65% product

Metro Bank refunds customers when they rehome a dog or a cat from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Refunds will be up to a maximum of £65 for cats and £105 for dogs.
Found 1st Jan 2015Found 1st Jan 2015
Quote from their website: Buying a dog or a cat? We are delighted to announce that Metro Bank refunds new and existing Metro Bank customers when they rehome a dog or a cat from Ba… Read more

This deals makes me feel better, we've just dropped of our dog at a dogs' home because as it transpires ...a dog IS just for Xmas.


For those bashing this deal and somehow suggesting that Metro bank's offer is negative are full of rubbish. I'm not a dog owner, but have been one until I moved to London and would love to be in the future. Having a bank that encourages you to consider pet ownership is a great thing as far as I'm concerned especially from a shelter that has had to put down 1/3 dogs it received (in 2010). After this deal I'll be switching to Metro bank (I've considered it in the past but didn't see a branch near me) even though I am unlikely to make use of the offer because I want to encourage offers like this over "free" mobile or travel insurance. And as for the OP, have some heat!


When will a bank just be a bank that's fair and reasonable to its customers? How about reinstating the policy that we all bought into when we signed up to no overseas bank charges? Also, perhaps Barclays could take a second away from helping old people Skype to give better mortgage rates? Much to ask?


I'm saying I question most charities, most fail on admin and its costs, why posted the link, where you can research UK charities.


Not sure what you're ranting about; I was merely quoting the PDSA as an organisation that has published research into the real costs of pet ownership, rather than the 'back of a beer mat' gross simplification presented by Le_Maske. If you don't consider the PDSA a credible source, Google will find you numerous others that all agree to within a reasonable margin.

MasterCard's Fare Free Friday is happening again for all Metro Bank customer
LocalLocalFound 27th Nov 2014Found 27th Nov 2014
I know this deal might not be for all people but I just wanna share it for those who might benefit. This is a great bank, great customer service and simple too. Not sure to pos… Read more
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thats even better! thanks


This is for all Mastercard customers regardless of bank. :-)

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free food, manicures and face-painting at metro bank, ealing
Found 6th Jun 2013Found 6th Jun 2013
opening of new metro bank in ealing - special offers on friday 7th june and saturday 7th june. free manicures on friday; free face-painting on saturday, free food and DJs and give… Read more
seb not necessarily as doomy as it sounds - if i remember correctly amazon accumulated huge losses before it turned the corner.

Found 12th Apr 2013Found 12th Apr 2013
You can count and convert your copper coins in to cash FREE at Metro Bank branches. They are so common in London area, use branch finder… Read more
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Actually when I posted this deal, I thought of 'normal' people who had to pay 7% fee at local coin counting machines.. Did n't thought people could spend their weekends counting money and exchange it for petty cash. Hello move on, try to find some deals which could benefit HUKD users X)


Sorry, squire. Didn't realise it was your private thread, where only your small-minded opinions are allowed. I'll leave you to it. ;)


I thought part of the fun was counting up all of your 1p's and 2p's, bagging them and putting them in the bank, I must be an old fashioned.


Nothing bad about it; if it doesn't apply to you, move on - for those it does apply to, it's a good deal.


Isn't this for Metro bank customers only?

Free coffee at Metro Bank - £3 in your account for free
LocalLocalFound 5th Mar 2013Found 5th Mar 2013
**Unfortunately their branches are in and around London only at the moment, so only any good if you can get to one...sorry!** I opened an account at Metro Bank as they don't charg… Read more
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Romford, Earls Court, Holborn more branches each month, check the website above.


Free coffee!!!! Heat


There is one in Reading!


They are opening one in slough soon, and i'm pretty sure there is one already in reading.


Anyone considering opening an account with Metro might want to read some of the posts on this MSE thread. Some people quite happy, but an increasing number (including one previously avid supporter who totally changed his view when things started to go wrong) very unhappy: I'd rank it alongside Santander, which isn't saying much!

Free 99 ice creams being given out outside Snow Hill station, Birmingham
Found 14th Sep 2012Found 14th Sep 2012
As per title. Grabbed one at 4.15 and not much of a queue
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Bet the chances are if I got there I'd be customer 100 & the'll all have gone!


It was Midland Metro to celebrate their 99% reliabilty record. As a regular commuter on the service I'd love to know over what time frame they achieved the 99% reliabilty record... presumably 8pm - 11pm on Sundays. Now of they were giving out 99's to draw attention to how many people are on a average 50 seater tram during rush hour it wouldn't have been too far from the truth...


think it's called marketing?




what company??

Refund of Battersea re-homing fee for Metro bank Customers
Found 22nd May 2012Found 22nd May 2012
Have an account with London based MetroBank? Re-home a dog from Battersea dogs home and MetroBank will refund your fees upto £105. Also works on cats!

Hey, u live an learn! Don't post any deals about re-homing an animal in need with an ethically sensitive bank offering to help u with the fees. Next deal: Pitbull pups available now, 50quid each, meet me in the queens Head! :-P


The money you give to re-home one of these pets is used to cover the micro chipping, spaying etc and look after the ones who are in their care and the hundreds that get dumped on their doorsteps, I think it's a stupid idea. I obviously don't know what arrangement has been made between the two parties but I hope Battersea is not loosing out and the animals it cares for.


Charging money to get an old pet is mental anyway, people give away puppies and kittens for free so the fee is off putting in the first instance.


Up to £105? I thought most dogs homes only asked for a donation of about £20-£30 quid for rehousing? Oh wait, it's Battersea. **** in London always costs thrice as much as everywhere else. And you're probably just as likely to find flea ridden, leg missing scruffs in Battersea.


Get the dog and the cashback Sell the dog on WIN WIN !

Metro Bank debit card - no foreign exchange loading or cash withdrawal fees
Found 3rd Aug 2011Found 3rd Aug 2011
Exchange load = 0% ATM charge = 0% Spending charge = none Cash withdrawal interest = 0% Metro Bank PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, charges no … Read more

I opened a Metro Bank in London after becoming disillusioned with HSBC.. Very friendly staff. Basic account, but very simple and great approach to customer service. Can't wait 'til they open a few more stores.


Not in Birmingham....................shame!


Does not deserve -ve Good deal - and info