Metroid Legacy Edition £59.99 -  GAME

Metroid Legacy Edition £59.99 - GAME

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Found 15th Sep 2017
I know this been posted before n been sold out straight away, I was searching for it by chance game got it in stock, good luck
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I kept refreshing the page and got one in basket ...worth a try guys
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oos when adding to basket
Would be a good deal if it was in stock...
gemvis2 m ago

oos when adding to basket

Yeh keep at it, it was saying oos for me too, I kept refreshing it. Think some payments of people preorders not going through or something
123KS6 m ago

I kept refreshing the page and got one in basket ...worth a try guys

Me too, managed to get 2 actually one for me and my brother by keeping on refreshing
Yesterday it wasn't even letting me click on add to basket it showed up direct "sorry out of stock message".
Lol please don't go multi buying just in case they cancel my order lol(excited)
Well im giving up i kept clicking then by chance got 1 through to then be cancelled just before paying luckily i got 1 from nintendo due today who easily processed my preorder with no issues but was hoping to get another for a friend.
*may contain spoliers*

Got the standard edition other day (early delivery) It's a good game. Plays a lot like the older metroid but it's tough.

Can easily over look where to go. Think I've spent more time searching for a door way than actually making much progress.

Only issue I got with the game is you have to kill the bugs (metroids mini bosses) and collect their DNA each fight is the same as the one before. You need to do this about 42 times (going by the icons at the bottom off the display).

Tad cheap for a game concept if I'm honest.

Rest off it is solid. Mobs do hit a tad hard even with the second armour upgrade, and jumping towards the edge of screen panels tend to hide extra enemies. So if ya rushing from one side off the map to the other it can be a drag and accidently dying to carelessness.
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Man this is cold lol btw safe to say this is expired so if admin can take it off will b great
Now back in stock for the low low price of 139.99
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