MFI sale on - 6% quidco?
MFI sale on - 6% quidco?

MFI sale on - 6% quidco?


Noticed there are 2 sales on MFI at the moment. 1 - the ever present random % off some items sale, and a much better 80% off older lines sale. Bear in mind the 80% off items were 50% off or so generally anyway, but 80% takes the shelves I wanted from 100 quid, to £40 recently, and now £20, £3 postage and 6% quidco I hope

Useful if you have purchased some of these lines 2-3 years ago and want a bit more, or to replace anything you might have broken.


if buying in store...check online price

I have had price differences in store to online Eg que1342 was £240 in store but £191 online plus quidco.

always worth checking

]Here's the link to their 80% off range - very limited - only 4 kitchen ranges are featured in this deal, so of limited appeal, but I guess they may help some people, so I voted this hot.

going bust,
going bust

they have their advert on tv at the moment sale prices 60% off. Then a caption comes up "higher prices between 5th and 18th June 2008", you gotta laugh

Why do they keep changing their prices? i is driving me mad! there is a table & chairs I was, it was £129 for ages, then when I was ready to order it i looked & it had gone up to £149, the there were no delivery dates that were suitable for about 6 weeks so I left it, looked again last week, it was £129 and had 10% off, then delivery was £12, went on to order a couple of days ago once I sorted out with Dh which delivery date was suitable, and it is back up to £149, but free postage!
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