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MG Motor UK ZS 115kW SE EV Long Range 73kWh 5 door Auto, 17" Alloy Wheel - £30215 @ New Car Discount

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The MG ZS EV offers a lot for the money in the electric car world, with good interior space, a big boot and plenty of standard equipment. The long range version is even more compelling because of how much it undercuts the Kia Niro EV and others. It's also expected to hold its value well


  • Body Glass

    • Front and rear electric windows with driver's one-touch up/down
    • Rear wiper
  • Brakes

    • 3 Regenerative braking modes (1, 2, 3)
    • ABS/EBD
    • EBA
    • Electric parking brake with auto hold function
    • ESP
    • Hill launch assist
  • Communication

    • Android Auto
    • Apple CarPlay
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • iSmart user app (includes vehicle status, charging management, WiFi)
  • Driver Aids

    • 3 Driving modes
    • Adaptive cruise control
    • Intelligent speed limit assist
    • Lane keep assist system (LAS) with Lane departure warning system (LDWS)
    • PAS
    • Rear parking sensors
    • 360 degree parking camera
  • Driver Information

    • 10.1" colour touchscreen
    • Full digital driver information display
    • Rotary gear selector
    • Satellite Navigation
    • Traffic jam assist
    • Trip computer
    • eCall emergency call system
  • Driving Mirrors

    • Electrically adjustable, folding, body colour door mirrors
  • Entertainment

    • 2 USB C Ports (1x front, 1x rear)
    • 3 USB ports (1x front - inc data transfer, 1x rear, 1x rear view mirror - power only for dash cam accessory)
    • 4 speaker audio system
    • DAB audio
  • Exterior Body Features

    • Vehicle to load charging
    • Rear side wing doors
  • Exterior Lights

    • Auto headlights
    • Follow me home headlights
    • Intelligent high beam
    • LED Bi-Function headlights
    • LED centre brake light
    • LED daytime running lights
  • Heating/Cooling/Ventilation

    • Auto air conditioning
  • Interior Features

    • 12V power sockets
    • Adjustable dual height boot floor
    • Houndstooth fabric upholstery
    • Leather steering wheel
  • Safety

    • 3x3 point rear seatbelts
    • Active emergency braking with pedestrian/Bicycle detection
    • Anti rolling protection
    • Dual front airbags
    • Front passenger airbag deactivation switch
    • Front seatbelts (3-point + pretensioner + load limiter)
    • Front side airbags
    • Rear passenger seatbelt alert
    • Seatbelt reminder for driver and front passenger
    • Side curtain airbags
    • Tyre pressure monitoring system
    • Rear door child safety locks
  • Seats

    • 2nd row 60/40 split/fold
    • 3 rear headrests
    • 4 way manually adjustable passenger seat
    • 6-way manually adjustable driver's seat
    • Front headrests
    • ISOFIX restraints on outer rear seats x2
    • 3 seat bench in 2nd row
    • Single front passenger seat
  • Security

    • Alarm system and engine immobiliser
    • Keyless entry and push button start system
    • Remote central locking
    • Speed sensing door locks
  • Vehicle Charging

    • 7 kW onboard charger
  • Wheels - Alloy

    • 17" Propeller alloy wheel aero cover
  • Wheels - Spare

    • Tyre repair kit
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    We're living in crazy times when £30k for a worthy but otherwise ordinary car, can be seen as a hot UK deal!

    I suspect like many other people, I'm totally shunning the new car market until at least 2024, when today's acute chip shortage has hopefully been resolved & prices have returned to a more normal level.

    BTW, I like the MG ZS EV. Back in March, by circuitous means, I could have bought this exact car for £22.7k. Part of me wishes I had now.
    I think you'll find that car manufacturer's business model has changed and, their focus has moved away from the lower profit margin, entry level base trim level cars. Their focus is on the higher level trims and, getting us to pay for the extra bits and bobs, that have good profit margins for them.
    I don't think we'll see car prices returning to pre chip shortage/Covid levels. As there aren't enough people out there that think the way you do. We're now a culture of must haves, no need to keep up with the Jones's, as we are the Jones's. (edited)
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    I have drove this and it is not a bad car but 30k is ridiculous

    Don't get sucked in because it is an EV

    The AA has stated that EV vehicles will be more expensive to run than petrol variants this winter
    Only if you are using public chargers.
    Most EV owners charge at home on off peak, cheap electricity. 2p per mile at 4 miles per KW.
    Even at the next cap of 52p/kw its still cheaper than a 50mpg diesel at current diesel prices. (edited)
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    Does anyone have any clue on charge time and cost for charging? i.e how does it work at service stations etc and how do EV rates work at home- is it worth spending 30k on a car to charge it at home instead of pertol/diesel?
    I have the ZS Trophy SR version. We're on Intelligent Octopus as we have an Ohme Pro charger.
    Overnight charging (minimum 6hrs) is 7.5p/kWh and so far we have averaged 3.9 miles per kWh/h.

    Public charging we usually use the Bonnet app that lets us use Geniepoint. Osprey. Shell, Ionity and more for lower costs. We pre-buy 20kw a month for £9 and then pay 45p/kWh after that, plus occasional free charges at Tesco.

    We regularly get 180-200 miles range, so only occasionally need a public top-up.

    At 45p/kw that works out at the equivalent of a 55mpg car at £1.42 per litre
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    They are offloading these to make way for the MG4 which is even cheaper than this.
    Worth noting the MG4 was designed from the ground up as an EV, whereas the ZS is an ICE conversion.
    off loading them? I dont think so its a different style of car altogether that will appeal to different buyers, that said I think if I walked into the showroom with the 2 side by side id have gone for the MG4 !
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    I woke up this morning & found I had 22 comment alerts to read! However good or bad this MG deal, it's certainly provoked a lot of debate which can only be healthy in the long run.

    Although I'm an ex oil man (& used to work for the company most associated with selling lead in petrol!) I've always considered myself 'green'. Engineers are often frugal by nature & we get a kick out of optimising things. Our house's annual utility consumption is relatively small (2,000 kWh of leccy, 6,900 kWh of gas) & in 10 days, we should have our solar array up & running.

    That said, I'm not yet sold on EVs, favouring small, ultra frugal petrol cars instead for personal travel. This is how I see things in numbers...

    My car is light (835 kg), has a relatively high compression ratio (11:1) 1 litre 3 pot engine which uses thin (0W20) oil. Driven frugally, it will return 72 mpg (16 mpl). Now typically a litre of petrol contains 9.5 kWh of energy so my car's doing the equipment of 1.68 miles per kWh, so half what the MG ZS does right? No, wrong because you're comparing primary energy (fuel) with secondary energy (leccy). At the margin, power for EVs must come from burning gas. On a combined cycle gas plant, you need two kWh worth of natural gas to make 1 kWh of EV usable leccy. So if this MG does 3 miles/kWh, it's really doing 1.5 miles per kWh of raw gas. In terms of CO2 emissions, the two are roughly equivalent in terms of primary energy. Who knew?

    Now let's compare costs. My Jet station sells unleaded for £1.64/litre. At 72 mpg or 16 mpl, I currently pay 10.25 p/mile. However this includes a big wodge of tax. Deduct the 86p/litre of tax & I'm paying 79p/litre for petrol or 4.94 p/untaxed mile. Now the price of natural gas isn't easy to define. Right now, on the BBC, it's £4.00/therm or 13.65 p/kWh. That's a wholesale, untaxed price so let's go with that. The MG does 1.5 miles per kWh of natural gas so it costs 9.1p/untaxed mile. That's almost DOUBLE what I'm paying!

    Food for thought eh?
    Interesting comparison.. but you have totally omitted the cost of exploration/extraction/cracking/storing/distribution etc.. for Petrol.. Plus the environmental impact? You put liquid fuel in which is burned and is gone forever. Burning stuff is not very efficient (as you state)

    Many EV users use Off-peak Energy (so gas is not being burned), they store Power in home batteries and often charge or at least produce the power via PV panels... As you will be doing soon. (Hopefully, you are installing a powerwall at the same time to store and then use/export as this will show a quicker ROI, especially as retro installations are at 20% Vat)

    You state you pay 10.25p/mile. I pay under 2p/mile (using off-peak .. it is even cheaper per mile when you factor in PV production/charging).
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    Aren’t MG made in China now ?
    Chinese owned.
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    Owned an ex-demo reg dec 2021 Trophy Long Range for similar price since March (i was told they replaced demo car to short-range version). Have been driving it around city and commuting to work 50 miles away a trip including drive trip holidays in the UK. So far have done around 9k (plus 1k when bought) miles and it has been excellent but bear in mind you have to be very discipline and not overly ambitious when planning your journey as i almost got caught short on my first long distance drive. No its not by all means a luxury car but to be honest its not all too bad and kind of surprising on what you get for your money (bear in mind this is a minisuv EV which next level will be an etron or mustang). I testdrived eniro, kona electric, model 3, etron and model 3, EV6 and Ioniq 5 and to be honestly EV6 and Ioniq 5 are the best (well those are the most expensive ones on the list). Kona, e-niro and model 3 are a bit too small and lower ride (we have 2 adults, 2 elders and 1 child in the family). As for the others i just cant justify myself to pay about £20k more eventhough they are brilliant car (I personally loves the Ioniq 5 and ev6). As a comparison i previously owned an EClass for about 10 years before they quoted me series of repairs costing about £4k.

    Like i said its not a perfect car (dont think any is) but for the money it is perhaps a very good deal at the moment
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    Is it better to go for a hybrid self charging car Vs fully electric now considering the current prices and projection for electricity & fuel
    These scare stories are based on using the most expensive motorway fast chargers. Charging at home will still be cheaper than petrol /diesel.
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    Many terraced houses around here, with no driveways…. No chance of charging a car
    I live in a terraced house and have been driving an EV since January 2021. I use public chargers and haven't found it a big hassle. Have saved a lot on fuel over my old diesel and have a much nicer car to drive.
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    I have one of these - bought it 2 months ago. it all depends if you can have a charge point at your home. if you can great - well worth it - stick it on charge over night. alternatively lidl are the next cheapest for chargepoints. long distance travelling isnt the issue it was - there's plenty of charge points if u use an app like zap map. there's dedicated stops opening up just for EV cars - markham vale on m1 is getting one

    the car itself is good - its a very comfortable drive - the only gripe i have is that i wish it had more storage area's inside the car like a sunglasses holder etc. the boot is wonderful. i bought the mk2 and from what i've read on mg forums the new model has been designed taking out alot of the design issues the first one had.
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    You can’t adjust the steering wheel’s reach (very important) or rake so if you’re tall or short this will be a killer and prob give you back issues and be uncomfortable. Also the heated seats only have one setting hotter than the sun or off!
    I think "very important" is a personal view. In my 27 years of driving, I've literally never adjusted a steering wheel and I'm 6 foot 2 and my wife is 5 foot 6.

    Adjusting the seat every time is a total PITA though!
  12. Avatar
    The numbers are baffling and I feel a lot are made up with how many miles they are getting.... like 1p per mile

    Very efficient electric cars are roughly 4 miles per kWh; less efficient ones are around 2.5 miles per kWh

    To the people saying they get 1p per mile out one of these you need to be on a tariff which costs 2.5 to 4p per kwh, if you have secured such a low tariff wow, but not sure how long that's going to last with gas producing a lot of the UK's electricity needs...

    If you have your own solar or battery farm I applaud you, but many don't, if you want to start saying how economical it is under these conditions, add the price of your personal electricity plant to the maths (tell us what area it occupies too, the guy in the flat without a roof wants to know too). Also please include a current tariff that offers that rate.

    Liz could be taking out that 100 billion loan to make sure EV drivers are kept warm this winter, while granny freezes overnight unable to afford 50 odd pence an hour keeping her 1 kw heater on.
    I cannot answer for others however I have tracked my EV efficiency for many years (Since the mk1 Nissan Leaf)
    The Most efficient is the Tesla - the average is 3.9 miles per kWh.
    The least efficient was the Leaf - at 2.9 miles per kWh.
    Im not a motorway user in the main and travel is local on A, B and town roads so I benefit from regen. (Motorway cruisers will return lower efficiency)

    With Home Charging on the current Octopus Go it's 7.5p/kWh. (I exclude Solar and what we get back from selling the excess to the grid. I also Exclude any FREE EV charging as it's becoming more scarce these days).

    So at current rates:
    the Leaf would have cost 2.59p/Mile
    the Tesla costs 1.92p/Mile

    If I factor in the PV export and look at historical costs under 1p/mile WAS very achievable. It's less so now (unless you measure over the Peak summer period for Solar production etc..)

    Charging at Destination and' En Route' chargers are, by their nature, much more expensive than home charging.
  13. Avatar
    I have just collected my ZS EV LR ! From Luscombes in Leeds. I could hearanother sales guy on the phone and I’m sure he said they had an available LR in stock and some more due in 10 days. Might be worth a call/email if delivery dates are still massively delayed (edited)
  14. Avatar
    I don't have this car, i have the MG5 EV long range. Pretty similar really.
    I also have a Tesla model S. The S was invloved in an accident a few months ago and got well smashed up. (Not my fault, OAP didn't bother looking at a roundabout and pulled out in front of me)
    When my insurance company dropped off the MG I was not very impressed. After driving it for a few weeks that changed.
    Now when my Tela comes back I'll be flogging it for a MG.

    People here laughing at it being an MG don't know what they're talking about. I do.

    I've spent time in a Tesla 3, Model S, Polestar 2 and a MG5. The MG is the least "premium" feeling car but it's also a hell of a lot cheaper. It's a very capable car and excellent range for the price. Not exactly a looker but there's a lot to be said for anonymity.

    It's surprisingly fast and the cheap ass front wheel drive setup means it will happily smoke tyres if you're in the mood (edited)
    You're right when you say...
    "Not exactly a looker"

    Would be embarrassed to be seen in it
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    I think if you are buying one of these and generally your journeys mean you can get away with just charging at home on some sort of EV tariff the costs make it well worthwhile. However public chargers are much faster but pretty expensive and are probably pretty comparable to running a standard car and a lot more of an inconvenience, Public chargers charge quickly up to 80% of battery volume but then significantly slow down. I believe charge times are variable depending on the charger, a home one will take hours as homes generally dont have the capacity for triple phase chargers 22kw and you tend to get 7kw at best and plugging in through a 3 pin socket is much slower. Doesn't really answer your question but that's what Ive grasped from watching a few videos!
    95% of people will charge at home or work, public chargers are to be avoided whenever possible due to pricing and inconvenience.

    200 miles is way more than the daily average of miles people do, so for those trips a little extra wait on charging is hardly a deal breaker, for the cost saving.

    those that do more miles than 200 regularly per week prob best looking at alternatives
  16. Avatar
    30k for this Chinese car? And it’s got this much heat!
    are you new to HUKD? anything chinese branded gets 1000+ heat, large majority of people just want the cheapest price regardless of quality, ethics or if the product is any good.

    30k for a 70kWh battery car no matter how rubbish it drives or to sit in is aggressively priced as the biggest deciding factor behind purchasing ev's is the battery=range and this car has a huge battery for 30 grand ,

    This is one of the benefits of MG being owned by the ccp(SAIC Motor) also as the chinese state owns most of the mines in Africa used to mine the rare earths needed for ev batteries and pay slave wages to the African workers and workers on the production line allows them to sell the car at or below cost.

    This is why the west is in the state it is in now: we want "bargains" and glittery 'igoods' from china but we turn a blind eye and claim ignorance to the horrific working conditions, forced forced labor of Uygur's and atrocities that take place to build the produts!
  17. Avatar
    Until the UK is energy independent and we have a stable, renewable and low cost source of electricity, then there probably isn't much of an advantage of an EV over an ICE vehicle, especially given that an ICE vehicle equal to this would cost significantly less to purchase and have a much longer range and quicker refuelling time, I'm not sure you would ever see a return on your investment. The only EV I would consider buying (but totally different price bracket to this) is a Tesla because it's more future-proof compared to any other EV in terms of battery tech, longevity (OTA software updates), ongoing support from a manufacturer that isn't in debt and unlikely to go bankrupt this decade.
    The UK uses LESS energy now than we used to!
    the cost of liquid fuel is probably even more volatile than electricity!
    If you can put solar panels on your roof you can generate your own power (try hatching, feeding up, slaughtering and rendering down a few dinosaurs.. PV is much easier)
    Why do you want a return on your investment for an EV?
    How does your current vehicle stack up looking at ROI?

    All I can say is that I have more money in my bank each month running an EV vs running an Internal Combustion engine vehicle.
    We are on our 4th EV and have saved a fortune VS running ICE vehicles.

    FYI SAIC (who makes the MG) also make VW/Audi and Skoda. they are part-owned by VW and use many of the same tech ie batteries is bigger than Volvo, Renault, Kia etc...

    OTA updates are good on the Tesla as other companies do charge for these. and companies like BMW are trying to charge extra for 'switching on' your heated seats etc.. LOL... Chancers!
  18. Avatar
    I've had the trophy 51kw for 3 months and it's really good. Should get over 200 miles but I would say it's more like 150 on motorway. Would definitely have liked the long range but only do a handful of trips each year that's longer than that. Ps, some supermarkets have free charging
    The shorter range version is slightly quicker and has better battery tech. You can happily charge the battery to 100% whereas the long range is best 80%ish for regular charging which negates the LR part of it.

    If you're leasing an EV like me you won't care about battery condition, that's the next owners problem.
  19. Avatar
    850 degrees for a £30k car - where are people finding all this money from?!
    A lot of the EVs (particularly this one) on the road will be for company cars. For me, this works out cheaper per month than ANY other car through the company car scheme my work uses. A kia picanto petrol would cost me £50 extra a month over this.
  20. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    What an ugly car.
    name me one that isn't these days
  21. Avatar
    Test drove and really liked it so ordered this last year. I'm not a massive car guy but I tried the Kia Niro (not EV) and Ionic 5 (EV) too and I wouldn't say they are worth £10k+ more each.

    Coming from a 12-year-old Mercedes ML the MG does feel more basic and didn't have that luxurious feel, but it will do for me. I'm just trying to get away from the £200 a tank and £300+ for any repair the ML offers me.

    Also, best to check delivery dates - I ordered in December 2021 and have only just been given a delivery date of circa November 2022. They are manufactured in China and with their strict regime on COVID lockdowns as well as the global computer chip shortage, delivery times are bound to be delayed. (edited)
    I ordered February a Trophy version - get it Saturday and got it way cheaper than this price.
  22. Avatar
    So, what’s the actual “long range” on this??
    WLTP - 270miles
  23. Avatar
    I ordered the model higher than this the Trophy version, much cheaper than this. Decent discount available if you or a family member are in the emergency services/public sector workers - look up MG Affinity to see discounts available. MG garage didn't mention it but as soon as we quoted it, the price dropped 3k. That said MG pricing has gone up in last few months.
    This price is actually a tad cheaper than the Affinity price....not much though
  24. Avatar
    Is this the fund the Chinese CCP directly spec or did the deal on that one expire?
    That one expired, this is a new deal for the CCP.

  25. Avatar
    The base Petrol model is £17,500. Is this really worth spending the extra £12,500 on?
    There are two types of charger.
    1. The 'granny charger'.. this is the type that you can plug in to a 13A socket. It draws around 10Amps. Draws around 2.5kW of power in an hour. This adds approximately 7 miles of range in an hour.
    2. A home 'fast charger'. This is a programmable smart charger that will allow around 21miles of range to be added in an hour. These chargers need to be connected (often with armour cable if the cable run is exposed or vulnerable in any way.
    If you are on the likes of the Octopus EV tariff (called Go). You can use power in an off peak slot overnight. Right now its around 7.5p/ Kwh.
    You can also use this cheap energy for white goods, cooking, water heating etc. Ie its use is not limited to just car charging. If you are on Octopus Go they do offer to supply and install chargers at reduced cost. They can supply 'Ohme' products which are very popular and very good quality UK designed.and manufactured iirc..
    The cost of a Granny charger could be £150+ while a home fast charger can cost from £400 for a 'commando socket' Ohme to £800+ for a fully installed Ohme.
    The home chargers are often what they call 'teathered'.. ie the cable that plugs in to your EV is hard wired. So you simply plug it in when you get home and it will charge according to your schedule.
    The cable cannot be stolen as it locks in to the vehicle

    All these prices are approximate.
    They will vary by supplier, car efficiency etc..
    I would always get a few quotes and make sure it is a smart charger that is being supplied. I personally found a fantastic local family company who installed my charger, PV panels and Powerwall storage battery. They were very competitive and discussed my requirements and took me through the whole installation process. In my experience the big EV charge point installers were not the best.. probably because of my location and the complexity of the installation.

    I hope this helps.
  26. Avatar
    I think this "chip shortage" line is wearing a bit thin.. I'm not sure it's a thing, certainly not to the degree it was..
    It's a HUGE thing for some OEMs & less so for others. The Koreans & especially the Chinese are faring way better than us Europeans & the Yanks. I'm surprised that it hasn't killed off some OEMs yet, JLR especially.
  27. Avatar
    Have you seen the new MG4? It starts at £26k.
  28. Avatar
    Worth about 3k in 5 years
    We had a MG ZS EV for 2 years..
    The depreciation was £1500 and the cost to cover 8k miles was counted in pennies..
    Our newest (4th EV) is worth more than we bought it for ..

    I guess you are thinking about anything with an engine... LOL.. They will be as acceptable as smoking in a public place in a few years..
  29. Avatar
    I would love a long range MG5, If the seats folded flat and it had the glass roof.
    If it was styled like the MG4, They could have my money now.
    It's getting a facelift, arriving in the UK very soon. Chargeport still front & centre.
  30. Avatar
    The Skoda Estelle for the 2020's.
    A BIG Compliment..

    The Estelle won many Rallys and took SEVENTEEN consecutive class wins on the RAC!!!
    And in the Gunaydin International Rally of 1986. The RWD Estelle trounced the 4WD Group B 'Super cars' like Audi and the 205 T16 The Estelle was First Overall.

    So you are either a true petrolhead who knows the MG is a fantastic car... OR you were trying to make a funny point but failed spectacularly
  31. Avatar
    30k for an MG
  32. Avatar
    With business electricity now costing over £1.00 per kWh this thing is NOT going to be cheap to charge.

    And yes I know there are some providers offering an EV rate but good luck getting one as a new customer…
    I've just moved to Octopus from EON, onto the Go tariff. All it took was one phone call.
  33. Avatar
    I have the first gen "ZS EV exclusive" which was very good value at 22,000, but slightly hampered by 160 miles range (actually 100 miles in mid winter with cold / wet weather).
    The EV experience is fantastic, leave home every morning with "full tank" of charge, cheaper, quieter etc.
    But I have the Long range on order, so we can do longer trips in winter with fewer stops.
    Agreed that prices will be a little cheaper in 2-3 years, but I think actually 5-10 years before capacity and scale makes these cars cheaper than petrol / diesel. If you cannot wait 5 years, the MG4, MG5 and MG ZS EV are the best value in town for now, and my car is worth more than I paid 2 years ago...
    Spot on.
    Why wait... the day you drive an EV is the day you start saving £..
    In a few years, you will not be able to give away an internal combustion engine car! Imagine how much fuel is going to cost then! The ONLY ice vehicles that will be worth a few £ will be rare/classics
    The cost savings are not just about the purchase price.. depreciation, road tax, servicing etc... all add up and cost a lot more when you talk about an ICE vehicle.
  34. Avatar
    Honestly this is a brilliant car for the money
    for the.. lot of money?
  35. Avatar
    I have the zs exclusive 1.5 petrol version 70 plate , it is fully loaded when just about every gadget out there and I have now done nearly 12000 miles . It's now returning 46-50 mpg . Ok not a racing car but I'm 60 years old and I love it . Not really a fan of ev just yet but will give it time . For anyone slagging off MG ,. You have no idea what you are talking about unless you actually own one .
  36. Avatar
    Anyone complaining "I could have bought this a year ago for half price etc etc". Imagined if you bought bitcoins or Apple stocks 10 years ago.

    Good car for a good price. Hot.
    i did buy it almost 3 years ago for £23k. Its lost £500 p/a in depreciation and i charge for free
  37. Avatar
    Is anyone really going to drop 30K on that?
  38. Avatar
    I'm going to make one last comment & then I'm done...

    Given the unique circumstances we find ourselves in, might I suggest that anyone with an EV stops using it from mid-November to say end-January because you'll be making a bad situation worse. Thanks to Bad Uncle Vlad, Europe (inc the UK) has an acute shortage of gas but we appear to have plenty of oil now. Any journey that can be switched from electricity to petrol directionally preserves the gas supply for power generation & domestic heating. Likewise if you have panels, use what you need for domestic use but don't use it to charge your EV, heat your house or heat your hot water (use your boiler for that). Maximise exports to the grid if you have spare.
    Next year will be different & hopefully we can all get back to normal but this winter, we need to keep the lights on, our houses & schools warm & properly husband the scarce resources we have available.
    LOL.. Very amusing>>
    We use less energy in the UK than we used to!

    Perhaps ICE drivers can stop using their cars so we can all get a price cut in fuel costs (supply and demand).. OR so folks can fill up their petrol and diesel generators...
  39. Avatar
    I've seen these about. They don't even have the basic light green tint on glass. Reminds me of the 80s when luxury cars had it.
    True on the first edition (which I have), this new version does.
  40. Avatar
    I'm not driving a Rover.
    It's just a badge a bit like the merc a class. The engine in those is the same as the dacia duster 1.5dci