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New MG ZS Excite Fully Electric SUV - Now £21,995 (after £3500 Gov Grant) @ MG
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Posted 24th Sep 2019Posted 24th Sep 2019
New MG ZS Excite Fully Electric SUV - Now £21,995 (after £3500 Gov Grant) @ MG£21,995£28,49523%
Truly a great price for this sized fully electric vehicle. MG has reinstated its discount on the ZS EV suv range of electric vehicles that recently expired. The Excite model will… Read more
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Also got mine - amazing car, worth every penny and come from doing 100k miles in a leaf 24. Went for the exclusive in black


Yep, got mine in November. Fantastic car, alot of great feedback in the Facebook owners forum.


Has anyone on this group actually received their MG EV ? Any first impressions and real experiences


Which trim level did you go for and have you got your hands on it now. Can you please share your hands on review?


Must be reading the Times whilst having a dump?

MG ZS EV £21,495 for the first 1000 orders  with free home charger install  £500 deposit @ MG Motors
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Posted 20th Jul 2019Posted 20th Jul 2019
MG ZS EV £21,495 for the first 1000 orders with free home charger install £500 deposit @ MG Motors£21,495
The fully electric MG ZS EV is available in Excite and Exclusive trims, and starts from £21,495 with the £7,000 discount which MG have introduced as a special launch offer. 44.5kw… Read more

My nearest MG dealer is TL Darby, Burton, messaged me to say they won't be getting a demonstrator as the dealership is closing!


Oh yeah, and what was that in the Youtube video - the MG EV has... halogen headlights (confused)


That's a neat little consumer protest site. Now, genuine quality mistakes can happen, so what really matters is the after sales service. And that consumer wasn't getting any. There's more rust on his nearly new car than my 10 year old one.


Not a bad finance deal, you pay only £2560 extra for 5 years loan. Deposit £3255 and £380 x 60. Now all depends on the test drive!


MG GS 0% finance up to 5 years, £250 Hilton Voucher included
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Posted 3rd Sep 2016Posted 3rd Sep 2016
MG GS 0% finance up to 5 years, £250 Hilton Voucher included£14,995
Excellent alternative to leasing. Own the car at the end of the finance. MG cars are Chinese but they do come with a 5 year warranty. The resale value will be low but with monthly … Read more

OK.... I have researched the MG and most reviews say the MG is not great but OK for the money. The reason I was looking at it was due to needing a petrol car and wanting an automatic SUV. There are only a few to choose from. The automatic MG gets terrible reviews so looks like I am looking again at a 6 year old Mitsubishi Outlander or a 2 year old Toyota Rav4. Any ideas on other cars would be good. I have discounted the Dacia Duster, Skoda Yeti, Kia Sportage and now the MG GS. Thanks


Yoda you sound like


Anyone who has driven one of these, will confirm that they are absolutely horrific cars. I couldn't recommend this car to anyone, regardless how cheap it may seem


Yes it is made in China and the build quality is awful. Read the countless reviews. My mobile is made Mexico. My laptop is made Korea. My "flatscreen" is made in Japan. MG is crap. Your opinion is irrelevant. I'm relaying a fact.


​own one then do you?? have total 100% proof that it is cheap Chinese crap?? Own a mobile phone, laptop, flatscreen, virtually all built in some way in China or from components from China. So so difficult nowadays not to bite at the rubbish posted on here sometimes

test drive mg6 car and get a freebie
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Posted 22nd Mar 2016Posted 22nd Mar 2016
test drive mg6 car and get a freebie
test drive mg6 and get a freebie. Freebies include: English heritage membership for 1 year Breakdown cover Sat Nav Can be retrieved after the test drive with a voucher.That has… Read more
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I did. The thing broke after about three months X)


​did you manage to get the sat nav then?


They are coming back with the promo again... I didn't go last time and after reading all the responses here won't book either...


I took to shaming them on Twitter and sending a strongly worded email to customer services, advising them that their poor management had put me off buying any MG products now or in the future. Within two hours the voucher showed up in my email inbox! Sent it recorded delivery but cheque hasn't been cashed yet. Truly appalling for the sake of a £30 sat nav!


over a month now since my test drive still got nothing. MG - - said there's a 'backlog' & to contact them after 28 days. Done that & no reply. If they build cars like they 'run' this promo, make sure you've got good breakdown cover!

Test drive the new MG3 or MG6 and get free one year's English Heritage membership, sat nav system or 12 months roadside assistance
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Posted 29th Feb 2016Posted 29th Feb 2016
Test drive the new MG3 or MG6 and get free one year's English Heritage membership, sat nav system or 12 months roadside assistance
Promoter is giving away the choice of one of the following if you complete a test drive of the new MG3 or MG6: * English Heritage Membership for one year * XGo DY 5 inch, 8GB, sat… Read more
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Don't be sorry, you put a deal up which you thought was worth sharing. And on paper looked good! BTW. We still took the mg6 out on a Saturday for a few hours and raged it around it is not a bad car but not good. But they claim a 0-60 in 8.4 secs , no way is it that fast.


Agreed Mr cool. I chase them out of principle every week but no one has replied. They are not honouring their promo. Sorry everyone for sharing it. Was a waste of time.

I think it is best just to forget about it. It is not right that they said you would get free stuff and no one as! But same time it is given the brand a bad name.


same here


UM, I did the test drive about a month ago and still nothing has come through. Chased up MG with an email but no reply.

MG3 3STYLE 1.5 106ps £9999 @ MG
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Posted 3rd Jul 2015Posted 3rd Jul 2015
MG3 3STYLE 1.5 106ps £9999 @ MG£9,999

where'd you get that from?


I should add that it dies feel roomy fir a small car,finish and spec are decent and it is a new design so feels fresher than its competitors. Try to take one for a fullcar testdrive if you have a local dealer.


Thanks regardless. Enjoy your new car.


Only just taken delivery so cant really comment too much, plus I wont b driving it! Didn't haggle off the list price as it was on strap but I managed to reduce monthy payments by £40pcm so there are deals to be done. Didn't go for a service package as we'll do <2k, first service is free. So far so good but its too early to comment really, sorry!


True words.i couldn't agree more.the relationship worked well

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MG3 from £8399 top of the range fully loaded just £9999
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Posted 4th Dec 2013Posted 4th Dec 2013
MG3 from £8399 top of the range fully loaded just £9999£8,399
OK i know it is now run by a Chinese company but the fully loaded version for £9999 is way better value than a similar car in the same sector. See link for full specs. or use thi… Read more
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Wasn't your Zafira designed and built in Germany?


well nissan is really mostly renault now... (BTW we have a post-renault nissan)


Your views are a bit over the top (especially as you have a Peugeot) but there is some truth in them. German brands generally figure mid-table for reliability (Mercedes had a particularly bad patch a while ago). What also needs to be considered is that when they do have a problem out of warranty they will cost you an arm and a leg to fix (parts and labour prices). People are usually surprised to learn that one of the most reliable of the prestige brands these days is Jaguar! The Japanese still tend to top the tables but not every brand - eg Nissan isn't great. The French and Italians still occupy the bottom places.


My crazy facts come from observations made whilst driving as I use the windows on my cars to look around, rather than the light coming through them to read the paper etc whilst driving. Don't own an MG any more but I have purchased a few British cars in the past, never had a problem. I'm definately not an old boy racer as the cars in my household are a 2002 99bhp Zafira, a Hyundai i800 (i waited for the 6 speed box and 50bhp reduction) and a pug 1.5D. Good luck in finding a decent German car I'll be sure to wave as I pass you whilst you are waiting for the AA.


what's the point... this car is cheap because it will indeed be mediocre and depreciate terribly

MG3 supermini 9999 top spec!
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Posted 4th Oct 2013Posted 4th Oct 2013
MG3 supermini 9999 top spec!£8,399
the new supermini from MG is priced at £8399 to £9999 for the top model. if you want to personalize it costs a fraction of the price of its competitors with loads off options. it's… Read more

its got 4e insurance rating, so ideal for a young sprout like myself! :-)


Never neard of this car. I have a leased DS3 and love it.


Fiat punto from behind skoda fabia from the side and I currently don't have a comparison for the front as I realised I have a life midway through... Hmmm


Give them time, it wont take long to catch up....


no wonder we have no industry in the uk. better get back to your call centre jobs - break time is over!

Test drive the MG6 and get a free £10 M&S Dine in for two voucher
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Posted 21st May 2013Posted 21st May 2013
Test drive the MG6 and get a free £10 M&S Dine in for two voucher
• Anyone taking a retail Test Drive must be 18 years of age or over and possess a full, clean driving licence. • Taking the Test Drive implies no obligation whatsoever to buy a c… Read more

that cool8)


God its an ugly ****!

The new MG-TF Only £13799 otr @ MG
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Posted 5th Aug 2010Posted 5th Aug 2010
The new MG-TF Only £13799 otr @ MG£13,799
take a look ;-)

Ok you buy a brand new MX5 for £4000 and I'll happily buy it from you for £5000


had a tf135 in britsh racing green about 3 years ago never had any engine problems but it did leak abit, was always diffcult to get reverse gear, clock never worked, paint work was crap, rear plastic wind went cloudy, wing mirrors leaked, driver seat would never stay in set postion, windscreen wipers made a awful noise if used at speed on motorway, proberly other stuff but think Ive blanked it out, and mine was garaged every night without fail, Happy days :). If they are re-selling them they need to ditch the K series engines and install somthing more reliable. Only thing it had going for it was its looks, at the time the mx5 and mr2 were too girly & s2000 and elise were too expensive.


I have a 2001 MGF and for the 8 weeks a year when there is nothing wrong with it, it's an absolute joy to drive. In the past 18 months, mine has had the head gasket go, spat 8 foot of shredded alternator belt out the back, overheated at random half a dozen times and had 2 failed brake calipers which resulted in me having to chock the back wheels with 2 bricks in Sainsburys car park. Oh, and my windscreen wipers both fell off in the middle of a thunderstorm on the motorway. Buy a 3 or 4 year old Honda S2000 for the same price.


MX5 is £4000 Maybe you should try comparing it to similar priced roadsters!


To make any sort of in roads (no pun intended) back into the UK car market the price (and improved quality) is going to crucial, I think at this sort of money it is going to struggle against much better competition, MG take note that if you want to shift more units try retailing this at around £10.999 + offer a £300 3 year servicing package and 5 year warranty. That should get us crazy soft top loving Brits back in the showroom. MM P.S had a brand new MGF back in the day (Tahiti blue) never had a single problem!