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Posted 3 January 2023

Miami Spas Torina 32-Jet 5 Person Hot Tub - Delivered and Installed - £2999.99 (membership required) @ Costco

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Shipping Included
Features- 32 Well Positioned Jets

- 3 Hydro Massage Seats and 2 Loungers

- 1 Powerful Pump

- Acrylic Made

Includes: Spa Cover, Cover Lifter, Step, Chemical Starter Pack, a Spare Filter and Installation
Costco More details at Costco
You will need a a Costco membership to purchase this item. See here Costco Membership

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    Put a wanted advert on social media, some people are desperate to get rid of their tubs but don't like to advertise because at first it was the best thing since sliced bread and everyone needed to know about it.My friend put an ad on and managed to pick one up for £500, only 18 months old with a purchase receipt for over 9000.
    Crikey where do I vote?? Sounds like a deal
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    Floating in other people's excrement lovely maybe not quite but close
    I think you maybe using your hot tub wrong
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    guy at my work bought hot tub during lock down. then made sure everyone knew he had a hot tub and at the time boasted it was only 20 quid a week to run. he never mentions it these days
    Even at the old rates £20 a week is expensive for a hot tub imo. I could get a gym membership for less a week and get everything else thrown in too.
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    My how the prices of these have fell since March 2020!

    If you are looking for a hot tub then you need a heat pump version to even make it vaguely worthwhile on your electric bill.
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    Delivered and installed and yet doesn't come with plug or cable?
    Yes - you get your electrician to wire it in or do it yourself.

    Can you imagine if they went round installing hot tubs with the wiring when some people would blindly order one thinking the installers will wire it in 90ft away from the nearest electrical source?
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    Bought 6 for ebay...
    6 plugs? As they don't come with hot tub
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    5 person but 4 seats? Does the 5th person stand or sit on somebody's lap ?
    I can see 5 seats
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    13amp so standard 3 pin plug..

    That also means it won't be able to heat whilst the jets etc are on which defeats the purpose.
    Daft comment - do you think the minute the heat goes off the temp drops? You can easily use the jets for 20-30 mins at a time with no more than a 0.5 degree drop in water temp then the water heats up during the time the jets are off. 13 amp is a convenient option for someone who doesn't have or would find it difficult to install a 32 amp connection - also some argue is a more cost effective option too (although there are no real cost effective hot tubs of course!!!)
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    Just like at your local swimming pool, you can opt to sit in the no peeing section (edited)