Miami Vice (2006) DVD £0.84 @ Big in Manchester Arndale
Miami Vice (2006) DVD £0.84 @ Big in Manchester Arndale

Miami Vice (2006) DVD £0.84 @ Big in Manchester Arndale

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Looks like a new Films and Music shop in Manchester Arndale just opened called Big. 15% off everything today and Miami Vice was already only 99p.


Awesome shop, I got the Manchester United Road to Moscow DVD for 99p too.

Not worth the money lol, good price for a DVD shame it's such an awful film...

even if it was 1p i wouldnt buy it!

one of the worst films i have ever seen. The start in the club with Numb/Encore playing i was thinking "this is gonna be good" but it was pants. The whole cinema let out an ironic cheer when it was over it was that bad!

Yep I agree this is possibly one of the worst films I have ever had to watch. I wanted to leave the cinema but thought it may get better. It didn't and thats now 2hrs of my life wasted that I can not get back! If someone offered me this dvd for free I wouldn't take it!

Dreadful film.
84p isn't cheap for a coffee mat. Although I guess it does come with a free DVD case (_;)

I reckon you can find some pins for less than 84p in the Arndale. Stick those in your eyes and you'll get the same effect for less. Therefore, cold.

one of the worst films ever. good spot on the new store though. i'll have to pop over check it out before all the good stuffs gone.

Each to their own but I think this film is brilliant. If you go in expecting a standard buddy action film you will not get what you are looking for but it is an intelligent, subtle and visually rich movie that has as much in common with an art-house film as an action movie. Lots of action fans didn't get what they expected but it is a film in it's own right rather than a spin off of the tv series. While lots of people hate it quite a few rate it as brilliant and it remains a favourite of quite a lot of film critics - check out some of the reviews below for a more balanced view with some people hating it and some counting it as fantastic




Love it or hate reviews on amazon too

Michael Mann has never made a bad film, he's a master.
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