Miami Vice (DVD) Charlie's Angels (DVD) (Pre-owned) - 25p Each @ CeX

Miami Vice (DVD) Charlie's Angels (DVD) (Pre-owned) - 25p Each @ CeX

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Didn't want to start two threads.

Miami Vice DVD:…461

Charlie's Angels DVD:…737

Both with 50+ in stock online and available in store as well. Minimum spend online is £2 with free delivery


A disgrace, DISGRACE! to the original master piece.

To be honest I don't look like Don Johnson in real life, I'm considerably better looking.

I'm still going to give you heat, because that's the kind of guy I am.

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Would recommend home delivery if possible.
Tried to buy a game from one of their stores last week and they could not find the cartridge!

Two crap movies, i recommend buying as many as you can afford and dumping them to prevent others from wasting several hours of their life

I'd rather throw 25p at a baby than watch these.

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Sainsburys have Miamo Vice for £1 if you don't fancy a scabby CEX second hand one. This deal is hot tho!

could you turn this over at music magpie and make a profit of about 6p?

Its nothing like Miami Vice !!!!,

Have to add my disdain at the way they thoroughly fubar'd two of THE best TV shows ever made.

Why? I mean WHY would they do this?

Got Charlies Angels 1 & 2 plus Dead Or Alive for £1.50, Added a couple of the interactive DVD games (good for family meet ups) spent £2.25 so happy with this!

Miami Vice wasn't all bad - Nonpoint's cover of 'In the air tonight' is worth 25p!
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