Michael Jackson Moonwalker Blu-Ray Only £6.99 Delivered @ HMV

Michael Jackson Moonwalker Blu-Ray Only £6.99 Delivered @ HMV

Found 20th Oct 2010
A combination of footage of Michael Jackson live in concert and a series of fantasy pieces with Jackson as the central character, Moonwalker showcases one of the greatest musical performers in history at his creative zenith.

A sensation upon its original cinema release in 1988, Moonwalker features live performances and music videos for some of Jackson's biggest hits. The outstanding centrepiece is the music video fantasy feature for Smooth Criminal set at a seedy underworld nightclub whose influence can be seen in the work of a whole new generation of performers like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. It's a mini-movie, also featuring Joe Pesci (Lethal Weapon, GoodFellas, Home Alone) as an evil drug lord intent on pushing drugs to kids. With amazing special effects, this segment features Michael morphing into a car as well as a spaceship in the climactic finale.

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