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Posted 13 August 2022

Michael Jackson - Thriller - 40th Anniversary edition [VINYL] - £20.45 delivered @ Amazon France (pre-order)

£20.45£33.2138% off
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Ltd edition with alternate cover. Release date: 18/11/22. Amazon UK price: £34.99 / Rarewaves: £33.21.

A1 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 6:02
A2 Baby Be Mine 4:20
A3 The Girl Is Mine 3:42
A4 Thriller 5:57

B1 Beat It 4:17
B2 Billie Jean4:57
B3 Human Nature 4:05
B4 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) 3:58
B5 The Lady In My Life 4:57
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  1. Avatar
    Serious question; is it acceptable to listen to Michael Jackson in 2022?

    The list of artists that I feel uncomfortable listening to these days is growing due to their behaviour in the past. Jackson is probably top of this list.
    Wholeheartedly yes.

    I’m not going to treat accusations as fact, especially since he was unanimously cleared of the Chandler and Arvizo cases by a jury. Even the latest two accusers (Robson and Safechuck) had their cases thrown out by the judge … who said, “No reasonable trier of fact could believe either account, given the weight evidence in favour of the defendant.”

    Michael Jackson was a an eccentric and unique character (given his upbringing), but an abuser he was not.

    What more did the man have to do to prove his innocence? The FBI cleared him, two grand juries cleared him and judging by the massive increase in his estates value … the public aren’t buying into it either.

    You only have to look at the success of his broadway show, his album re-releases and the upcoming biopic to know that MJ is still very much revered across the Globe.

    He was one of the good guys. Sadly we mistreated him and reduced him to a caricature. That’s on us, not him. We never appreciate the good, we are so quick to judge and destroy.

    Rant aside, I hate the font they have used on the new release … it looks amateurish. The MJ estate could learn a thing or two from the Prince or Whitney Houston posthumous releases.
  2. Avatar
    Just made my heart go seeing this...Bring back the days. Just listen to it and you'll know what I mean

  3. Avatar
    Still have my original copy. Probably £5-£6 back in 1983.
  4. Avatar
    The font on this cover is awful. (edited)
    Literally the reason I haven't bought it! I'd want it to hang on my wall, so no chance.
  5. Avatar
    Just looking thru the songs on this album.. seriously, these songs are just incredible. Anyone heard a song that’s anything like ‘Wanna be startin’ something’ ever?? Not even gonna mention Thriller, Billie Jean or Beat It. Still such exciting songs, can’t really say more than that…just in a league of his own with his early music. Complete unrivalled classic
  6. Avatar
    594462441660381792.jpgYou just knew it!
  7. Avatar
    Top of the list lol. I guess you've never heard of Lostprophets.

    Purchased, OP, cheers.
    I saw them when they were just starting out and still makes me feel sick that I was in the same room as him.
  8. Avatar
    Greatest album ever
    And the best music video period
  9. Avatar
    I think the cover is beautiful, so iconic and of its time and still looks amazing to this day IMO. Heat 🔥
    I agree! Still stands as the biggest selling album of all time. No one is beating that anytime soon.
  10. Avatar
    It don't matter if you're black or white? In the the case of his legacy, it's done no harm being the former, nobody will be cancelling Wacko anytime soon!
    Apparently being grey is a bonus.
  11. Avatar
    God, is this gonna sound any better than previous pressings? The MOFI 1 step is out later on in the year albeit far more costly.

    What does this mean "mastered from the period analog tapes" (edited)
  12. Avatar
    Still the king of pop.
  13. Avatar
    "Ltd edition with stupid cover"
  14. Avatar
    I've got three copies of this album on vinyl already so I'm not sure I need another. I've got an early pressing from the '80s, the 25th Anniversary picture disc vinyl release and a copy from 2015. I play the 2015 copy a lot as it sounds great. I know some modern vinyl releases can sound a bit crap but this one from 2015, as the kids say, is pure banging!
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    Is anyone getting free delivery on this, I'm not on prime
  16. Avatar
    Great album Shamon added
  17. Avatar
    I've had to send more than 50% of vinyl back to Amazon UK because of bad pressings or badly warped records. Personally I wouldn't order vinyl from amazon France due to the cost of returning.
    You must buy a lot of vinyl or extremely unlucky. Never sent any back I've bought.
  18. Avatar
    Oh November release too, same as MoFI. Quite a wait.
    Makes me wonder if it’s all being produced from the same analogue master as it’s licensed out from Sony I think
  19. Avatar
    My understanding is that there is more than one master to accommodate recording/mastering studios around the world for the demand to produce such vinyl. Which is, I guess, the same as what you said XD. However there is no set limited run as there is with Master tapes so maybe these cheaper copies are copies of the master?
    Maybe there is a digital intermediate like with film, honestly I’ve no idea at this point