Michael Kors - Secret over 50% off page!!

Michael Kors - Secret over 50% off page!!

Found 9th Aug 2017
Can't remember how I came across this onsite, but for the life of me can't find it posted elsewhere so thiuggt I would share the link!

Seems like it's a hidden page or something.

Plus free delivery on everything!

Massive Savings on a great brand!!

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any good bags anyone can reccomend?
Everything I have tried to add to basket is out of stock. Have picked about 10 random items and all OOS So COLD from me sorry
I've ordered 1 item, but like other poster said items out of stock. 3 items jumped out of my basket as I was trying to checkout. heat from me though, there are still some good bargains if you can find it in stock.
These items are from there sale that has been running for around 2 months
Same here!!! No stock in desired items.
Most the stuff I looked at was out of stock
Worked alright for me although some items were OOS, cheers
Bought some for my local wg
it seems anything that is over 50% off is out of stock
Just got a wristlet for £28 delivered instead of £95 that matches my handbag, thanks OP
My order got cancelled, they even don't bother to send me an email
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