Michael McIntyre’s  Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea Fri 10 & Sat 11 Aug  £31

Michael McIntyre’s Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea Fri 10 & Sat 11 Aug £31

Found 23rd May 2012
People are going to say this is too pricey but is cheaper than areas by far. Some people will like though so dont hate
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It's not that its too pricey ( although £31 for a "work in progress" seems a little steep) but how exactly is this a "deal"?
£31 would appear to be the standard price and that's it!?
No seats available
Saw the preview in Manchester a couple of months back - superb, some of the best material yet from him. Can't see why he gets such a negative reaction. I've seen most of the new(ish) stand-ups and he is the best, imho.
This is one "comedian" that I just can't stand!
To people who think him wiggling his face is funny, you'll like him. For the rest with taste, avoid like the plague
Went to a work in progress for him in at the Leicester square theater last year and that was only £10 (well apart from the off peak parking that still cost me £9!)
****!! Cold, free is too much to pay to watch this clown.
It's his voice and mannerisms that do my head in. For anyone that can endure that no doubt he's quite funny.
Agreed, free is way too expensive to watch this idiot.
Saying whether you like him or not is pretty pointless. My son loves him and the stadium tickets are too expensive and I couldn't get tickets anyway but I did for this. My mate went to the work in progress and the real thing last year and thought the work in progess wad better. I thought I would let people know. Finally not travelling far will save me money
Not only is he funny but he belongs to that rare breed of comedians who doesn't believe that you have to include lots of profanities or insults of minorities or the disabled to get a cheap laugh from those 'with taste'.
Michael McIntyre & Cliffs...

Don't build my hopes up!
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