Michel Thomas language courses -- free sample discs

Michel Thomas language courses -- free sample discs

Found 23rd Feb 2008
You can get CD samplers for several courses now at the website:
Choice of:
Vocabulary course (no language specified).

You seem to be able to order all of them at one time
If you would like to try a Michel Thomas language course before purchasing the full Foundation course, Hodder Arnold can supply you with a free one-hour sample in the language of your choice. Just fill in the form below:


This was posted a while back and i got my cds pretty quickly so worth doing if your interested in it

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thanks i have done it but didn't know it was on a while ago. Sorry

Great one my children keep talking Spanish from Dora the Explora so now i can be in will a chance of understanding and keeping up with my 4year old twins Thanx . Heat added xx:thumbsup:

many thanks,

Thanks for this - I got the Italian one last year (was posted nearly a year ago) now just applied for the French one.

that guy wears a toupe lolz!

These are great. I ordered them all a couple of weeks ago but only got two discs. Russian, Arabic and Mandarin on 1 disc and German on another so will try again for the rest
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These are the best way to get started on a new language. I've used the French & German ones so far, and they are excellent. They take the fear out of learning a new language, they make learning incredible easy (without any textbooks) and are worth every penny.
Three tips though:
1. Never pay full price for the Michel Thomas courses. Amazon, Play.com, WH Smiths, etc... someone is always doing a half-price offer on them, so shop around.
2. Don't buy the Vocab Builder CDs until (at least) you've done the beginner's 8-CD course. They'll confuse the hell out of you otherwise.
3. Amazon also sells a new "Michel Thomas Method: " vocabulary courses for £14.99 each. These don't feature the man himself, and are (in my opinion) truly terrible. All of the good learning methods in Michel's own CDs is thrown away in favour of the "Learn German in your car" style of these CDs. Avoid.


that guy wears a toupe lolz!

No, he doesn't... He's dead.

He had a really fascinating life, achieved amazing things during WWII in particular: en.wikipedia.org/wik…mas

got all of these the last time, good post

looks interesting. voted hot. accidentally selected two boxes checkboxes, and couldn't unselect one, but hopefully they'll send both.

Ha ha, I 'accidentally' selected 3! Sounds awesome, voted hot

Coooooool, cheers .:)

I have this geeza's Italian boxset (about 8-9 discs) - cost about £80 - It is great. Highly recommend these.


Wish welsh was on there to teach my fiance!! :]

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got letter today to tell me they are now out of stock, dont know whether they are getting any more?

Worth a try,

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