Michelin tyres - Special offer
Michelin tyres - Special offer

Michelin tyres - Special offer

It may be worth you joining Costco if you have one near you as they often do special offers for tyres.
The latest one for Michelin tyres is:
Buy 4 18" or above & save £80 off the fitted price
Buy 4 16" or 17" & save £40 off the fitted price
Buy 15" or below & save £20 off the fitted price
Valid from 21/01/08 to 17/02/08
They are competitive even without the special offers

I am not sure whether you will need the coupon, but these should be available instore.


So what is the deal then - Buy 4 x 18" tyres or above and.....................................

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Sorry, not quite sure what happened with my original post, but hopefully okay now. Thanks Dedcon for highlighting the shortfall.

No problem :thumbsup:- Shame, I have just bought new tyres and I noticed when I was at Costco the other day that I could have got a better deal there, even without the discount offer.

We always get ours from Costco, best service and value about

coscto is awesome for tyres normally... this just helps more

Can you give me an idea of what they cost there?
I'm after 2 x 205/50-17 and 2 x 255/40-17's of a known brand......

I'd be taking them away so no fitting, or I could take the wheels if needed

i think a Michelin for a 205/55 R16 is £56 each

so if you buy 4 they work out around £36 each!

for 4 17" tyres is that £40 pff the total or £40 off each tyre??
i need 4 235/65 r17's so £10 off each tyre aint that great as they are £133 each!
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