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Michelin wiper blades £5 @ Poundland
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Michelin wiper blades £5 @ Poundland

Posted 18th AprLocal
Michelin wiper blades for a £5 seams quite good to me
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Best say where!
I picked some of these up for £1.99 in aldi last weekend.
jk198856 m ago

I picked some of these up for £1.99 in aldi last weekend.

Saw them in my local Aldi for £1.99 yesterday too.
Looked at these at St Albans Poundland on Monday. They are on a stand alone carousel near the front next to mobile phone accessories. There were no obvious price tickets so I thought they were a quid! Metal construction not the later plastic stream lined ones. Perhaps a fiver is a bit much for the smaller sizes, I'm assuming they are priced per blade not a pair?
These are £5 each in Pound land , most cars need two As has already been posted above Aldi have them on offer at present for £1.99 each. The Aldi one was also posted as a deal here recently, but was slagged off by some. I had no problems with them, like juddering like some others claim. They are of a very thin blade rubber design, how the cheaps ones used to be years ago. Most expensive blades nowadays have a wide rubber blade design and I think these ones are relying on the Michelin name to ask for £4.99 each. At £1.99 they are a good buy, at £4.99 they are not. As with all blades the instructions are useless. Expect to try all possible combinations before you find the one that works that will fix the blade to the arm!
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