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Castrol Magnatec 5W30 C3 Stop Start Fully Synthetic Engine Oil. 4 Litre £28.49 (+£3.95 Delivery) @ Micks garage
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
MicksGarage.com have this at £28.49 while Halfords are £35 / ECP £38.99 - decent price - buy two and its free delivery Heres the link

Free delivery and better oil. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4L-Engine-Oil-4-Litres-5W30-Fully-Synthetic-Titanium-FST-Castrol-Edge-Longlife-/291852724292?hash=item43f3c72844


+1 £25.34 delivered from ECP using Summer35 code.


ECP will be cheaper after applying 'summer35' code incl. Delivery.

Found 18th May 2016Found 18th May 2016
Found another cracking deal whilst looking on Micks Garage, Dash Cam now also half price! Reduced down from £50.96, plus i noticed they have some discount codes out there to, anoth… Read more
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​well done op :D


Been joined a while just never posted anything, everyone's hyping about the site so i thought i might jump on the band wagon


op you posted 2 deals since joining...both from same seller....hunnnn ;)


Anyone know if these are good? Seems a lot of faff every time you go driving to plug this lot in. Having said that, someone scraped my bumper only a few weeks ago, would have been good to have the footage.


A UK dealer on eBay should be subject to same consumer rules as any other retailer.

Found 18th May 2016Found 18th May 2016
Found this on MicksGarage.com, really good deal on Emergency Puncture Repair twin pack, over half price!
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Some less than honest tyre repair places will tell you all sorts of lies... Last time I bought some of this stuff, it was from Halfords and you got two for a fiver!


If puncture repairable before you use tyre weld then you wont need new tyre Either your tyre was not repairable before or tyre firm telling you porkys to sell you new tyre


in fact at halfords 2 of the big ones are £10..


theses are BOGOF in halfords, both sizes


​i have used this loads of times and still going with 10k miles with it in my tyre.

15L of Total Ineo ECS 5w-30 fully synthetic motor oil (CODE REQUIRED) £64.02 @ Micks Garage
Found 10th Oct 2015Found 10th Oct 2015
15L of decent brand name oil, ideal for French car drivers (Peugeot and Citroen to name a few who recommend this oil). Down to £64.02 with free standard delivery with code AFF14. (… Read more
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Quite a few years ago when the Pumpe-Düse engines first came out there were quite a few minicab drives who started doing what you're doing - using just regular oil because it was cheaper. And like you they did a lot of mileage until one day the engine started sounding rough... Long story short: fitting a new camshaft is a lot more expensive than saving a few quid on oil.


​just because its worked for you, doesn't mean it will work for everyone else. very dangerous statement to make. why else would oils be marketed as different for specific applications if they all behave in the same way? i'd still much rather use the oil recommended by the manufacturer of my car because at the end of the day, they know best.


I've owned cars and bikes over 30yrs, I used car oil in bikes, bike oil in cars, petrol oil in diesels and diesel oil in petrol cars, I've mixed mineral, semi, fully without no issues what so ever, I've put 'wrong' grade in dozens of time because it was much cheaper to do so..... NEVER EVER EVER had an engine failure ;)... clean regular fresh oil (and filter) of almost any description is better than no or old oil :) ... At the moment I've standardised the same oil for all our vehicles, from an old transit to a new ka, (which for some bizarre reason specifies a PD oil !!), I have gallons of ECP Triple Q 5w40 fully synth which more often than not often floats around at 12 quid for 5 ltrs, so buy 2/3 when on offer :) ... the 'key' to engine longevity is to let the engine warm up before driving/riding harsh, not the oil you put in it :)


great oil, I run both my petrol and diesel on this and it's really high quality.


​is it ACEA C2 and PSA 271 2290 certified? I couldn't find one which was in my local.

Castrol 10w40oil,   4 litre only £13.22 @ Micks Garage
Found 25th Sep 2015Found 25th Sep 2015
I think this is a good deal Protect your car from harmful sludge with Castrol GTX 10W-40 A3/B4 which contains anti-sludge formula that provides 25% better sludge protection comp… Read more
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cheap ...nice found op


+£3.95 delivery unless you spend more than £20


Should have included postage in price.

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CASTROL EDGE TURBO DIESEL 5W-40 ENGINE OIL 4L   @  £22.92 (use code "OIL10") @  micksgarage
Found 18th Sep 2014Found 18th Sep 2014
£22.92 for 4l use code "OIL10" for that price current price on amazon £37.14 Lowest price on amazon was £28.69 http://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/Castrol-Turbo-Diesel-5W-40-Engine/pro… Read more

still available


Dont forget 10.5% cashback on TCB so brings price down to nearer £20 for 4l


Buying two with the promo code now coming out at £45.83 delivered :D wasn't dropping postage before?


at this price take 2


There is a delivery charge for £3.36?oO

Holts Tyreweld puncture repair 400ml £8.39 BOGOF @ MicksGarage - free delivery
Found 18th Jan 2013Found 18th Jan 2013
Holts Tyreweld Emergency Puncture Repair - 400ml **BUY1 GET1 FREE** Tyreweld is a simple 'get you home' puncture repair system. No jack, tools or wheel change required! Simple and… Read more

Good luck finding a tyre centre that will want to touch it. It makes and utter mess. But in an emergency or other situations could be of use to some ... I would not touch it.


Another thumbs up here for Micks Garage. Worth noting though, that this has a 5 year shelf life


Would this stuff work on motorcycle tyres with inner tubes?


Review of Holts Tyreweld "Works just fine" I've used this product a few times now. It works just fine and I got the tyre permanently repaired afterwards every time. You just have to read the instructions, NOT jack the car up and drive for a few miles ASAP. The friction of the tyre and the road warms the stuff up and gives you more pressure aswell. Some repairers (e.g. Kwik Fit) tell people that this product ruins tyres and that they have to buy a new one. According to Holts, this is not true and Tyreweld is just water based "liquid rubber" so can't damage anything. It's just a lot easier and more profitable for them to sell you a new tyre rather than having to remove the white stuff and repair the old one.


Of course you can get the puncture repaired afterwards.

EXACT FIT  Premium Black Car Mats with Fixings 36% OFF now £21.91 delivered @ MicksGarage and 7% Quidco!
Found 16th Mar 2012Found 16th Mar 2012
A set of mats from Halfrauds is £49.99! Each carpet mat is crush resistant, tough, strong, durable yet tactile and flexible and so are extremely comfortable. An integrated heel pad… Read more

thanks. Of course, thanks for posting the deal :)


I hope you enjoy your ebay mats. :D


Got mine from ebay £16 delivered made for model of car 4 mats with new fixings and i would say they are very good delivery was about 3 days


i bought mine from ebay, no quidco but dont really care. They look v good - cant wait to receive


Apart from the fact quidco isnt guaranteed, eBay does do quidco.

BRAKE PADS IN LINK but EVERYTHING IS 10% off with code mgaw10 & If buying Mintex pads you get a free lubricant @ Micks Garage & 7% Quidco
Found 20th Feb 2012Found 20th Feb 2012
Just ordered some Mintex Brake Pads and found even without the 10% code they were much cheaper than ebay. Delivery is free over £50 and with the Mintex pads you get a free Mintex L… Read more

I didnt know what a dual mass flywheel was either but its sort of connected to the clutch and very expensive. If you take the car to Mr Clutch or somewhere they will try and sell you something else that is pretty expensive, cant remember what its called now(cylinder?). If you have a mate who knows about cars its worth finding out what parts you need or some garages will take the peas. If it makes you feel any better, i bought an St170 for £1500, spend the equivalent of £1500 on the clutch etc and 6 months later i sold it for £1550 LOL :D


Thanks, I'll probably get it done at the garage. Best to leave to it the experts I guess because I haven't a clue (I have to admit I haven't a clue what a dual mass flywheel is either). All I know is that the car's getting to an age where it's needing a lot of work and is costing me a fortune unfortunately it's all I've got for now though....tax is due next month too :(


I had to own a Focus St170 for a while and needed to get a new clutch. I couldnt believe how expensive the parts were and found a place on ebay. It was so cheap i thought i had stolen it. I needed a dual mass flywheel too. If your interested i can look it up for you.


Get them to supply and fit - if theres ever a issue with the clutch then there cannot be an argument as to who needs to stump up for the bill! Get them to supply and fit - if theres ever a issue with the clutch then there cannot be an argument as to who needs to stump up for the bill!


Thanks Jordie, yes it is a petrol.