Micky Flanagan Live: The Out Out Tour SD to own on Amazon video - £2.99

Micky Flanagan Live: The Out Out Tour SD to own on Amazon video - £2.99

Found 18th Mar
I save up my Amazon no rush delivery credit to get apps and movies to keep, I found Micky Flanagan Live for £2.99 and thought I would post it.


I'm off out out bye!

Just noticed back in the game is on sale for £3.99 as well bargain!
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The funniest man on the planet, saw this show live, hurt ourselves larfin
Back in the game is also on there at £3.99 fill ya boots people!

Hope it's to somewhere with a bit of om-bi-on-ce
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This man is not funny, not voted.
Isn't this on telly at least once a month?
Micky seems to polarise some. Me and my sister have a very similar sense of humour and she can't STAND him. I think he's quite endearing and he does make me laugh
If you're not going out, out... stay in, be a peeper, Sausage sandwich, family bottle of sauce and a nice can of Stella Ar-tor-rez
Loved these 2 gigs so
Heat from me, last tour was awful though I thought
'I'm peeping' One of the funniest stand-ups out there IMO, up there with Lee Mack. MF's theory as to why there are more teenage pregnancies these days is not only hilarious.....but probably true!
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Also available on YouTube
I've never found him very funny, similar to Peter Kay in that respect, but a good deal if he's your kinda thing
Started out funny but utter rubbish now...spends his time insulting people to try and get laughs.
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