Mico STB235 - Freeview Box - £4.99!!! richersounds
Mico STB235 - Freeview Box - £4.99!!! richersounds

Mico STB235 - Freeview Box - £4.99!!! richersounds

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What a bargin, with the excellent Richer Sound support. Availability on site

Mico STB235

Last Few To Clear.

If you're looking for a value packed digital Freeview box, then you've come to the right place! The Mico STB235 offers all that's needed to receive high quality digital TV. Twin SCART sockets and a coaxial digital output provide excellent connectivity - the best in its class in fact. With sleek good looks, the STB265 belies its price, whilst the full remote control is intuitive to use. If you're looking to make the switch to Freeview then head down to your nearest store and grab yourself a bargain today!

GRADED/Factory Repack: Products refer to, mail order returns or ex-service products, thoroughly tested and re-sold with a 12 month guarantee


hot shizzle


I've never found anything in stock when they have a decent offer.

The Birmingham branch even told me once, when I said I would take the shop window item, that it was a broken unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe they do exist but do phone first and reserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit they do actually give a web stock check. Best reserve still.

It says as the condition varies by individual store the price is a guideline only.

Does the £5 one work?????

Only available in-store?

bargain, hotty hot hot

none in edinburgh oh well, good deal if you can get any

In-store only = guaranteed unavailable like always, or else they'd have it online too. Plus side is they pay your parking for 2 hours in Glasgow which would cost about £3-£4 so go in for a quick shop and then go there and get them to pay lol (maybe buy something for £1 and then save about £3 lol!!

Just had to say (before this post gets lost in the ether as you can never find anything again since the new layout has been introduced) that I am so surprised how cheap Freeview boxes have now got!!

Excellent first post

Not available online and prices will vary shop by shop it says at the bottom!!!!!!!!!
So reserve and ask what their price is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I think Richer Sounds have become a joke. Had to vote cold due to the very iffy info from Richer Sounds Site.

i swear there used to be one of them in norwich, maybe not



i swear there used to be one of them in norwich, maybe not

There is, this is an availability list :roll:

I would suggest you steer clear of these. I got one from RS a while ago whilst they were £9.99 - and after about 1 month it stopped working properly. The menu is very sluggish and the remote is poor - but my main concern is when it turned off and on randomly all the time! We had to unplug it at the mains, wait for it to boot up... keep waiting....wait some more... then it would work for at least 10mins at a time. the best part is, that when it boots up it has a slogan along the lines of "Mico - reliability and stability" or something to that extent!

I ended up buying a proper freeview box with hard drive elsewhere, and have found it far better.

Whilst £5 seems like a bargain, I have to warn you of the problems I had with it, and the possible time you will waste going to and from the store to try and replace it. I know these are refurbished, and I have never seen an original one on sale, so I'm guessing there is a good reason for that!

Good luck if your feeling lucky! :whistling:

getting anything in stock from RS is now a joke, the staff tell blantent lies about whats comming in and i personally have been made to feel like a fool by these clowns

shame there are none in Swansea. been looking for one of these for ages.
great deal though!!
voted hot!!

Voted HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

nun in chester either.....all the pensioners got there before me!!!:stocking:

I bought a Mico freeview box from richer sounds, as a second source as my cable supply was single tuner, about 2 years ago. It was very buggy - remote very patchy and generally when you turned it on you wondered if it would work.

If you are wanting to buy a freeview box to watch most of your tv on, ask yourself if £5 is the right price to pay. Surely better to spend a few tenners on something thats not going to perpetiually gowrong and **** you off.
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