Micro Bladez3D £14.93 delivered @ TheHut

Micro Bladez3D £14.93 delivered @ TheHut

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Found 8th Dec 2009
Sleek and stylish looking, Micro-Bladez3D is a highly prestigious mini-RC helicopter that heralds the evolution of remote controlled flying toys.

The first generation of mini-RC helicopters took remote controlled flight out of the hobbyist and specialist market and made RC flying toys affordable and accessible as consumer items. Micro-Bladez3D is the next step forward in technology and design.

Three-channel control means that it can be flown under complete control, and is fully controllable so that it can be flown forward and backward, up and down and left and right. Super stable, the new Micro-Bladez3D goes exactly where you want it to, with precision control and handling and all the best features of bigger RC helicopters. With an auto-balance system and adjustable speed control, this tiny helicopter is a joy to fly.

Micro-Bladez3D is the top of the line offering for anyone who wants the very best mini-helicopter available.


These are awesome - plus you get £1 off if you sign up to their newsletter. Not sure why everyone here has made it cold tbh...quite a lot of negativity I'm experiencing on this site!

I ordered the apache which is on back order.

Are these better?

I think they are just as good as the apache, same Manufacturer as I looked into it - it's literally just the shell that is different IMO. My dad has the apache and it is so much fun. I can literally play with it for hours!

If the apache was available anywhere at this price, I would get one! It looks much cooler

I'm still wondering why this is -1, is there something I don't know about it? I searched around for 2 hours and this is the best deal I found as well! I know it's not my deal so nothing to worry about, just a bit confused as I'm new to this site!!

Ordered this instead of apache, got it on 10% off day.

£2.63 tracking on Quidco!!

Received this and its brilliant. Very controllable & great fun.
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