Micro chips £1.25 BOGOF at Farmfoods.

Micro chips £1.25 BOGOF at Farmfoods.

Found 25th Feb 2009
Not the best chips in the world, but it's a quick and filling snack.
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I dont see how anyone can be hungry enough to eat a few soggy chips, have a sandwich instead.
Really? Aren't these just for scumbags?

Really? Aren't these just for scumbags?

Well, that and teenage mothers to feed their feral offspring :-D



Well, that and teenage mothers to feed their feral offspring :-D

I had them maybe twice when they came out on the nineties and were a gimmick, then I realised you got about 8 soggy chips in a box. Best saved for the Iceland lot.
I cant see the point, these taste horrid and woundn't feed a mouse.

You can cook bacon in the microwave in 3 - 4 minutes (i dismissed it and said no chance until my neice made me a sandwich and i wondered how she did it so quick and she said she saw a tv chef do it)

Have a nice bacon butty instead just as quick
Yeah pretty much 0 nutritional value
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Geez..I'll never post again. It is just potato and sunflower oil, you get some of your GDA of fibre. I haven't bought these in years and I personally don't think they are that bad. Do you people never say anything nice?!!
Wow nice to see that the chav hating side of the site comes alive when a bargain relating to FARMFOODS, ICELAND, LIDL, ALDI etc. gets posted - they must have a little alarm attached to their burberry caps alerting them to go on the offensive ... CHAVS MUST DIE, CHAVS MUST DIE ... EXTERMINATE ... EXTERMINATE ... NOT A BARGAIN ... NOT ENOUGH NUTRITION ... BETTER WITH A BACON SARNIE:-D
GDA? from the equivalent of half a potato?, that has been cooked then recooked. Not in the same league as the humble bacon sarnie
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