Micro Maxi scooter (raspberry) £62.95 (with code for new customers) @ Very

Micro Maxi scooter (raspberry) £62.95 (with code for new customers) @ Very

£62.95Very Deals
Found 13th Nov 2016
20% off today at very online so £82, also £20 off first order with code KGXXA, I've just paid £62, can't see it cheaper than £102 anywhere else, unless ordering from Germany, sorry if this hasn't posted properly I've never done it before, I just know they're pretty popular at this time of year so wanted to spread the joy!! X
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Also I opted for click and collect to avoid delivery charge!
Any reduction on these scooters is good because they are so often excluded from offers!
great price, Shame it's only available in raspberry.
The code is not working for me (new customer).
Definitely worked with that code, I'd post a screen shot of the page but it won't let me??

The code is not working for me (new customer).

I've changed the image to the screenshot of my order X
Try KPAKF as the code. Think you have to open a Very account to be eligible. Was just curious and trying this as we have the scooter and paid much more (even from Germany) but gave up at the point where you had to apply for the account.
Thank you! You have to open up a new credit account for the code to work but then you can just pay for it anyway. Christmas Bargain. Can't understand why this isn't even hotter.
Yeah you do have to open an account, but I just paid the balance so don't mind X
Ordered one of these from them last night for £70, couldn't be bothered with the credit account but cheapest I've seen (next cheapest Rutland Cycles, £82).


Don't forget 7% Quidco (£4 in my case).
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