Micro Remote/Radio Controlled Fire Engine £4.99 @ Modelzone

Micro Remote/Radio Controlled Fire Engine £4.99 @ Modelzone

Found 21st Sep 2010
Postage for this is £4.99 or if you order £50 or more from the place you get free delivery.

You can easily spend £50 here by stocking up on things for christmas (sorry I used the 'C' word!)

They have two type (currently) in stock, see links below.
They are great little gadgets. Full R/C and little flashing blue/redleds on the top. The fire engine charges up from a cable attached to the handset.




out of stock!

Original Poster

Both links are stating "In Stock" for me. They do two other types (not posted) that are out of stock, but these two are def showing as in stock to me.

all showing as in stock for me too...

wont let you add it to basket tho!

my bad, it is now, sorry! 1st time i tried it wouldnt let me add it as its out of stock, but all good now.
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