Micro Scalexttric Rally dirt racers set £16.50 @ Tesco direct free c&c
Micro Scalexttric Rally dirt racers set £16.50 @ Tesco direct free c&c

Micro Scalexttric Rally dirt racers set £16.50 @ Tesco direct free c&c

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Down from £25, seems to be knocking around 30-35 everywhere else.
Christmas day fun for the Dads


Dirt cheap!

Better RACE to the check out before they sell out

Would it be fare to say it's a MICRO amount to spend in the grand SCALE of Christmas.


So, there was a glorious 10 minutes out of the box where this set worked perfectly. But, more often than not it just doesn't work. The hairpin curve and the flyover in particular are where the cars will stop. I believe that there is a fundamental problem with the circuit design / track. The track pieces come apart reasonably easily, which is nice, but if the circuit design puts too much strain on them, particularly where the track pieces connect, you get intermittent lost connections, and the cars will stop. I don't think the micro scalextric cars react too well to changes in gradient either, so the flyover is a bit of a problem. I spent some time on new braids as I thought that was the problem, but in the end, if you make a nice, simple, flat track layout the cars work reliably and I was able to get back to having some fun with my 3 year old son, and not cursing this set for questioning every childhood memory of scalextric that I ever had. Actually, my 3 year old didn't have much trouble with a full size set, so my recommendation would be to either go full size, or get a different micro scalextric set that is simpler in circuit design

Picked this up on sale at Hamley's for £25 which is probably the right price for this set. Easy to set up, and the 1/64 scale suited the small amount of space we had to use it (if we had more space we would go 1/32 scale without question). After only ten minutes however, it was clear that the cars were struggling with the layout. We removed the flyover and big curve to make the track completely flat and that seemed to solve the problems. One of the cars out of the box wasn't working very well but after coaxing it along for about 15 minutes it seemed to get up to speed. Overall enjoyable but a few issues out of the box keep it from being great.


If this is the one i think i will … If this is the one i think i will passhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaVqkaQrEPs

Thanks, cancelled the order after watching that video.

looks awful

the next video on YouTube looks like the same track and runs okay.


the next video on YouTube looks like the same track and runs okay. … the next video on YouTube looks like the same track and runs okay. https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=V48ukuacYL8

uses different cars

Absolute junk. Hornby should be downright ashamed of this rubbish. You'll spend more time trying to get the cars to work and the track to connect with the cars all the way round the circuit than you will actually playing with this.

Half the time the cars work with the rear wheels elevated but as soon as lowered on to the track the motor will cut out. I changed brushes a dozen times to limited avail, checked the connection, tested the motors, tested the controllers, but the down time finally annoyed me to the point of giving up. On the first set I bought the power supply failed within four hours, the second set simply refuses to work properly.

I have one disappointed son, made worse by the fact that I told him Scalextric was a great toy (it was in the 70s and 80s, now it's just pathetic, Chinese-made junk).

And only £90 for the set too, what a bargain!


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Cars are exactly the same, just different shells on. I can't imagine why you had so much trouble; was it an old set and the track rails have greyed up? Just clean with a coin or sand paper. Otherwise just fray up the braids and bend into an arch shape, and away you go.

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Re the cars not working etc, we have loads of micro scalextric and have no more issues with it than any other scalextric rype.. If you keep the contacts in good condituon and set correctly they are fine. I'd advise to buy a few spare sets of cobtacts which are dirt cheap on ebay. Ordered this to add to our existing track. 16 quid is a bargain just for the spares in my opinion, but each to their own

no issues with..cars...
no issues with gradient...
no issues with flyover....

As my dad use to say...'a bad workman always blames his tools'


Got this last year. Yeah a few niggles but that's all part of the fun! Heat for the price.

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