micro scooters - 2 for £15 in-store @ Asda

micro scooters - 2 for £15 in-store @ Asda

Found 17th Nov 2007
i went in to asda in dunfermline fife (the wee one) and they are selling micro scooters pink ones and blue ones on a deal for 2 for £15.00 and you can mix the colours i got 2.

also they are selling pogo sticks on the same deal.


Hi nic1975. Welcome to HUKD ! Please see the links in my signature for help on posting deals. I'll just add some more info to the title

Thanks nic

i see this advertised on the tv looks a good deal

Are there any pics? Sounds good I need a pink and blue also

I just picked up 2 this morning ...pink & blue for £15. :thumbsup:

It's called a 'Nebulus Zone Scooter by Ozbozz' for Aged 5+.

Here's a pic of both colours :


Thanks 4 the pic do they fold down?


Thanks 4 the pic do they fold down?

Yep ! the frame & both handles fold down ! It's in a compact box when you pick it up.

Here's a pic of it folded :

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