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Micro Scooter Helmets - several designs reduced staring at £11.21 plus £3.95 standard postage
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Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Micro Scooter Helmets - several designs reduced staring at £11.21 plus £3.95 standard postage
I was on the lookout for a scooter helmet for a birthday present when i spotted that Micro Scooters has several reduced in its outlet section. The cheapest is the pink and daisy on… Read more
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Ordered two for the kids great find thanks

Micro Scooters Micro Trike with parent handle, seat belt, puncture free wheels and compact fold £49.95 with code @ Micro Scooters
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Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
Micro Scooters Micro Trike with parent handle, seat belt, puncture free wheels and compact fold £49.95 with code @ Micro Scooters
I have seen these in Mothercare and John Lewis for £74.95 and they get really good reviews, they are Swiss designed and have won lots of awards for their products. They are a less … Read more

Kinda creepy thing to say, just to clarify I am not stalking you!


My kids worship the ground I float above 😁 you'd know that though already wouldn't you ;)


It’s tough when your kids resent you eh


These are great. We had one for when our littlest wanted to walk more but got bored of walking after 10 minutes. She loved it. Folds up completely flat too so great to store


Bet you wish you could choose your parents eh 😏

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Posted 27th Dec 2018Posted 27th Dec 2018
FOund this while looking for the Micro Sprite Scooter. Better price than Amazon and eBay etc. Free delivery Ideal for ages 5-12 Max weight 100kg /15st 7lb The best first 2 wh… Read more
Micro Scooter Flex Classic £99.95 @ Micro-Scooters
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Posted 11th Dec 2018Posted 11th Dec 2018
Micro Scooter Flex Classic £99.95 @ Micro-Scooters
Best price I've seen for this one, suitable for big kids and adults, free delivery before Christmas. **Referral bug** Get an additional £10 off by entering a referral email addr… Read more
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Wow! Thank you Andrea, I have 2 maxi micros to buy, so this is a great help :)




@KellyC75 it should pop up during checkout, just enter any email address and a code will display


Where do I enter the email for the referral please?

£20 off at Micro Scooters!!
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Posted 26th Oct 2018Posted 26th Oct 2018
£20 off at Micro Scooters!!
Just about to buy my daughter a Christmas present and saw this... £10 off £100 - OCT10 £20 off £150 - OCT20

John Lewis also have £25 off some. https://www.johnlewis.com/search?search-term=maxi%20micro#_recent_search_referral

Micro Lazy Luggage £159.95 @ Micro Scooters
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Posted 10th Dec 2017Posted 10th Dec 2017
Micro Lazy Luggage £159.95 @ Micro Scooters
Its new in the market. I think it's expensive product especially that there are no discounts on it. But I really liked this product and wanted to share it with others who may consi… Read more

That is possible, but as it has been written by someone for whom English is not their first language, then it might just be their way of using the language at the moment ? My concern is what makes this a 'deal', as it's a new product how can this be a bargain price ?


The first paragraph stinks of self-promotion.


Um . . . . . This is Hot UK deals not Dragons Den

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Small discounts on mini micro scooters - £59.95 @ Micro Scooters
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Posted 7th Nov 2017Posted 7th Nov 2017
Small discounts on mini micro scooters - £59.95 @ Micro Scooters
Some discounts on the mini micro scooters and some other models as well. Nothing too big though :(

No wonder I'm feeling so cold (lol) (lol) I'm looking to buy one.. Can anyone please suggest where I can get a better price.. Thanks!!!

Free scooter sleeve with selected bells - £7.90 delivered @ Micro Scooters
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Posted 27th Sep 2017Posted 27th Sep 2017
Free scooter sleeve with selected bells - £7.90 delivered @ Micro Scooters
I haven't found this advertised on the Micro Scooters website, but after adding a few different bells to my basket, I realised they were offering a free sleeve with selected styles… Read more
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The sleeve gets automatically added to the basket if it qualifies - so add them all and see what you can get!


give them a ring ;) sorry! - couldn't resist typing that


How can I find out if my bell qualifies?

Micro Speed Scooter - Black/Orange £99.95, was £134.95 ​at Micro-Scooters
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Posted 23rd Sep 2017Posted 23rd Sep 2017
Micro Speed Scooter - Black/Orange £99.95, was £134.95 ​at Micro-Scooters
I was looking to buy the Micro Sprite scooter for my 7 year old son and spotted this for only £10 more as its on sale. It's an adult scooter but reading reviews from different so… Read more

Thought it had a motor.


Got to agree with this. The micro sprite might be great, but we have an Oxelo & the kids love it to bits (as do the parents).


Horrendous price, you can get an Oxelo Town 7XL from Decathlon for £20 less.

Micro Adult Scooter: Was £349.95, Now £199.95 with code + Free Delivery
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Posted 1st Sep 2017Posted 1st Sep 2017
Micro Adult Scooter: Was £349.95, Now £199.95 with code + Free Delivery
Was £349.95, now £249.95, use code MLSA17 to bring the price down to £199.95. Free delivery is included too. The Special Edition Micro Adult Scooter takes the drag out of wh… Read more
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Thanks for posting! A lot more amusing than yet another deal on the same dumb videogame.


wow, who wouldn't want to look this supercool? Probably the most ridiculous invention I've ever seen, would kill to see this on Dragons Den.


Certainly wouldn't buy one but looks good for the weekly shop, better then those trolly bag things


I think this looks like fun. Good find!


not voted either way but surely has to be one of the most pointless items I have ever seen. 1. weighs either the limit or at least half the limit of cabin baggage so you can carry pretty much nothing in it. 2. most people generally carry 2 cases, so cant really ride and drag another suitcase behind 3. ooh what else can we fit? I know Bluetooth speakers so people can play the bond theme tune whilst they ride around the airport!

Micro Balance bike now a 3rd off - £64.95 Delivered @ Micro Scooter
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Posted 30th Dec 2016Posted 30th Dec 2016
Micro Balance bike now a 3rd off - £64.95 Delivered @ Micro Scooter
Sale now on at Micro-scooters.co.uk and this seemed the pick of the bunch. Green only. Also a few accessories (helmets, stickers, etc) with 50% or more off. Accessories here: htt… Read more

c'mon let's be honest.... real reason for paying 100 quid was cos it matches with dad's bike.. the rest was just ancillary..... always makes me smile to see little uns matching their parents :)


Always entertaining reading the balance bike threads regarding safety, price etc. Depends what your child is going to do with it. Ours cost over £100 and is made by specialized (runs for cover for paying so much money for something so dangerous) but if our little girl is going to be learning the trails with her daddy we want something that won't break on the first bit of rough ground....(plus it matches her dads) https://youtu.be/Sf_kWz7-aTk


​The point of balance bikes is to learn how to control a bike properly, much better and safer in the long term than using stabilisers. As others have said £65 is extravagant!


i can recommend balancing bike as kids can jump straight ontp pedal bikes without using any stabiliser or only for a day or so to give them reassurance but a 18-25 quid one from halfords will do the job, no need to spend the 65 quid one


i can`t see the point. it`s too easy to injure him/her with no brakes, get him/her a bike with brakes and stabilizers when he/she is old enough. EG (this is actually cheaper) http://www.argos.co.uk/product/3042285

Micro compact scooter £99.95 @ Micro Scooters
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Posted 13th Oct 2015Posted 13th Oct 2015
Micro compact scooter £99.95 @ Micro Scooters
I was looking for a maxi micro but this seams like a better buy. My daughter had has a mini micro and that has shown the brand to be well built and durable. I hope that this scoot… Read more
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Anyone know if there's any deals for the mini's around?


When I spoke to micro on the phone they said it was because younger children may struggle to carry the extra weight when crossing the road. Reviews I read said it requires more force (in weight) to turn it, but this is adjustable on this model by slackening the springs on the starting mechanism. It does say on the Belgium site suitable for all ages, but recommended for 10 up, (based on average size etc. I guess).


That was the other option, dimensions are about the same, the maxi micro is the same wheelbase 1kg lighter, and the bars are 10cm lower. But the micro compact comes with T bar and joystick.


Search and ye shall find (although it is max micro with a lower weight limit of 50kg I think) https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/maxi-micro-scooter-65-96-ish-delivered-from-german-company-der-rollenshop-2250284


My 9 year old got one of these for christmas last year - it is much heavier than the plastic maxi micro and my 6 year old cannot steer it, yet had no problem with her mini-micro or her Argos maxi copy. I, however, can ride this one too and the steering post folds which makes it easier to transport.

Micro scooters - free next day delivery on orders over £5
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Posted 21st Dec 2014Posted 21st Dec 2014
Micro scooters - free next day delivery on orders over £5
- save £7.45 if you order by 3pm Monday 22nd Dec (min £5 order), I think free delivery automatically applies for scooter orders though - also there are some reductions dotted over … Read more

Used it to buy a helmet@£19.95 (third one, they are excellent). Delivery free and in time for Christmas.

Mini Micro Scooter from Micro Scooters website £49.95 WITH ACCESSORIES!!
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Posted 29th Nov 2014Posted 29th Nov 2014
Mini Micro Scooter from Micro Scooters website £49.95 WITH ACCESSORIES!!
A rare opportunity to get a discounted Mini Micro Scooter. Get a pink mini micro scooter WITH a bell and WITH a scooter sleeve, priced on the website at £59.95, for £49.95 when you… Read more

hot - similar deal for boys blue 'dinosaur' package on the website (follow above link) Works out at £53 with free delivery today only. Great price with the water bottle and wheel spinners included.


Until today only the microscooters website is giving an offer of £10 worth of free accessories when you spend over £50. I just bought a mini micro scooter and got the micro bell and badge free, making a £10 saving which helps.


Many thanks I had not got round to ordering yet and that has just saved me a few quid :)


But my Son doesn't want pink sparkly one.


Great scooters, very good quality.

Micro MX 180 Stunt Scooter| Micro Scooters UK £99.95
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Posted 30th Jan 2014Posted 30th Jan 2014
Micro MX 180 Stunt Scooter| Micro Scooters UK £99.95
under half price Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

I know these are top quality over £200 normally


These scooters are normally really expensive so hot deal from me! I got my son the Slamm Fury scooter for Christmas reduced from £129.99 to £79.99 from skate asylum. Thought that was a bargain until I seen this. Better not show him or he will be gutted lol!! Can't understand why the deal is cold unless people think they are the same as the cheap ones you get from Tesco's etc, who knows!

Micro MX Pro Stunt Scooter@Micro-Scooters Was £179.95 Now £84.95
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Posted 29th Dec 2013Posted 29th Dec 2013
Micro MX Pro Stunt Scooter@Micro-Scooters Was £179.95 Now £84.95
Micro MX Pro Stunt Scooter The MX Pro is a great stunt scooter for freestyle riders who want to start landing those big tricks. Perfect for teenage beginners and intermediate stunt… Read more

This is the link to all sale items http://www.micro-scooters.co.uk/sale?limit=all


Are there deals on the mini micro and the maxi micro ?

Micro MX 180 stunt scooter reduced to £99.95
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Posted 8th Dec 2013Posted 8th Dec 2013
Micro MX 180 stunt scooter reduced to £99.95
Official micro MX 180 Stunt Scooter. Usually priced £229.99 (deal also on the micro scooters amazon shop) Free delivery
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OMG. I hope none of my kids knows these things exist. Extortionate


The toddler version isn't a stunt scooter. It's 3 wheeled and turns by leaning to the side. They are very good quality. http://www.micro-scooters.co.uk/mobile/scooters-age-3-5-years/mini-micro-scooter-candy-pink-limited-edition-1.html


Does a toddler need a stunt scooter?


Yup and that's it cheap. I was looking to find a deal on the toddler version with no luck (they are £54 starting price - for a 4 year old)


http://www.micro-scooters.co.uk/mobile/offers-1/micro-mx-pro-stunt-scooter-1.html This one also £84.95

Free dinosaurs mini bag with £25 spend at Micro Scooters
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Posted 1st Sep 2013Posted 1st Sep 2013
Free dinosaurs mini bag with £25 spend at Micro Scooters
I received a brochure with a code for a free mini bag - as above plus others- if you spend £25. Free delivery on all scooters. Not so good as the Jojo maman deals but good if you w… Read more
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Received mine today - 2 day Hermes delivery -no probs.


Received mine Sat...My order was sent via Royal Mail second class. Personally have never had any trouble with Hermes...good luck


They use Hermes to send deliveries. I have had deliveries via Hermes in the past have had many issues. I am currently waiting for a scooter that was ordered from Micro scooters through Hermes and, as usual, having trouble! They seem to say they tried to deliver despite someone being home and them leaving no card... It's not helpful when the tracking says "out for delivery" at 8am and so you wait all day only for them to not even try to deliver. Just be prepared. Update: Scooter received the following day. I suspect they ran out of time to deliver the previous day. They shouldn't say they'll be delivering unless they actually attempt to deliver.


I asked micro scooter as my 2 wanted pink ones but couldn't get the code to work for them. still any bag is better than no bag! Thanks for the codes, managed to order a few bits and managed to get free delivery as the free bag took the total over £50! Bonus! :)


Thanks, I hadn't realised. I can't seem to change the photo on the original post but have changed the title to reflect this.

Scooter Suitcase £250 @ Micro-Scooters
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Posted 14th May 2012Posted 14th May 2012
Scooter Suitcase £250 @ Micro-Scooters
Anybody that finds themselves in an airport regularly will tell you that getting from the plane to baggage claim can be a fair old schlep sometimes. Whether it’s Heathrow Terminal… Read more
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in the big corporate word, this should be the only method of transport around the office.


Can you imagine how fun it would be when you scoot onto a horizontal conveyor belt? Or better yet when you come off the other end.


I think this is absolutely brilliant! If it was down to £100-150 I might actually buy one! Ideal to "scoot" around an airport! Grab on to the disabled buggies they use and surf to the gate! Lol!


Why did they not call it a scootcase?


Bought 2! Amazing product :D