Microcosmos - Special Edition Blu-ray £6.95 @ Base.com

Microcosmos - Special Edition Blu-ray £6.95 @ Base.com

Found 23rd Jan 2011
A French meadow on a summer's day is the setting for this incredible, highly-acclaimed film that takes its microscopic cameras into the heart of the insect world. In this miniature environment where a single raindrop can cause havoc, we are treated to an array of jaw-dropping moments: an underwater spider makes a home out of an air bubble, a colony of ants face a massacre when a pheasant attacks, a determined beetle struggles to relocate his ball of dung. There's drama, comedy, action and even a little love in this astonishing film that invites us to share the trials and tribulations of its wonderful cast. A visually stunning film presented for all its high definition glory. Bonus Features include The World Of Microcosmos; The Making Of Microcosmos and The Story of 5 Cesars.

A fascinating, close-up view of the world of insects, snails, spiders, and other tiny invertebrates as they work, eat, fight and procreate. This acclaimed French documentary was filmed with special microscopic cameras and high-resolution microphones, utilizing slow motion and time-lapse photography to capture bees collecting nectar, spiders ensnaring their prey, mosquitoes hatching, and other minute wonders of the insect world, resulting in a breathtaking glimpse of the beauty and poetry that exists underfoot.


This is the only film I've ever been to see where I fell asleep halfway through.

I'm not saying it's bad, just very restful.

I thought this film was wonderful. Definitely relaxing, as Bleary123 said, but a real treat to view the world of insects from a new perspective.

ah shame my kids would like this but its showing as not availible

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ah shame my kids would like this but its showing as not availible

Oh dear..must have sold out - can still get for £6.99 at Play though.

cheers was just about to search to see if play or amazon had it...

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