MicroDyno - Free (was £4.99) @ Google Play Store

MicroDyno - Free (was £4.99) @ Google Play Store

Found 4th Apr 2017
App not for everyone but for those who are into stuff like this, pretty useful.
Some useful info vespa.proboards and XDA

The app works similar to the software of a dyno, but the test runs are conducted on the street. Instead of accelerating a massive metal roller, you speed up on the street. In plain language: Hop on and go at full throttle. The faster your scooter accelerates, the more powerful it is.


Tested and well reviewed in Scootering Januar 2013 by Sticky, author of the Complete Spanners Lambretta manual

The fact that it works at all - let alone working this well - is just plain wizardry


SIP HorsePower Dyno(MicroDyno) for Android -unlike all other Dyno Apps out there- doesn't use the acceleration or GPS sensor, because both aren't exact enough to achieve a good measuring result.

SIP HorsePower Dyno(MicroDyno) can measure the rpm of the engine by analyzing the exact frequency, recorded with the microphone (Screenshot 1: in the middle you can clearly see accelerating in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear).
The faster the rpm increases, the better the performance of the engine. The gear ratio of our rides remains the same as long as there is no shift of gears. This way, the speed can be calculated from the rpm just as you can then calculate the performance by the change of speed which equals acceleration.

To obtain the most realistic performance value possible, you need to enter a couple of values as precisely as possible:

- overall weight
- tire circumference
- air pressure
- temperature
- gear ratio
- Cw-Value (Tough one, but if you don't change this for different runs, you get repeatable and comparable results, this value moves the resulting curve on the y-axis, so it can be used to calibrate the dyno. If this value is way off the result can be off about 2 PS)

If you know the Windows programs SIP Dyno and GSF Dyno, you know how exact these measurements are.
You can find a couple of comparisons between GSF Dyno, this App and a real dyno (P4) at siphorsepowerdyno.de and in the Scootering from January 2013.
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There must be a huge market for this sort of thing.
What is this and how did it come to be??
It didn't work on my scooter but I cannot see where to input my inside leg measurements for the leg I use as propulsion.
now back to £4.99
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