Microphone to USB Lead - £19.99 instore (or £22.98 delivered) - Maplin

Microphone to USB Lead - £19.99 instore (or £22.98 delivered) - Maplin

Found 24th Jun 2009
As a MAJOR additional benefit, this is compatible with Guitar Hero WT and Rock Band 1/2 (at least on the PS3 and 360), meaning if you have a half-decent XLR microphone already, you can use this cable with it instead of the shoddy mic which comes with the band kit.

Here's the bumpf from the Maplin website:

* Record from a microphone to PC with ease
* 16-bit 44kHz mono recording
* 5 metre lead - USB on one end, XLR plug on the other
* Suitable for other audio devices that accept XLR plug
* ''Plug ''n'' Play'' connection
* Powered by USB no power supply required
* Power on LED indicator light
* PC and MAC compatible

The Microphone to USB Lead makes it easy to connect most XLR microphones or other XLR audio sources to your PC. The lead records in studio-quality 16-bit at 44.1 kHz using the internal analogue-to-digital conversion process. The Microphone to USB Lead is ''Plug ''n'' Play'' (no drivers required) and is compatible with PC and MAC. Maplin recommends use with good quality sound recording software, for instance Audacity.


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All the circuitry for the A/D conversion is in the USB plug, so there's no breakout boxes - just a clean 5m line of cable from the XLR plug to the USB. Personally I would have preferred the A/D conversion to happen before 5m of cable, but it doesn't seem to make much difference as what I recorded through FruityLoops and GarageBand was as good as I've heard from a direct analog connection.

does it work on the wii?

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does it work on the wii?

No idea - I've got a Wii but don't have either game for it. Sorry!

Q- Could you use this to plug a microphone into the Wii console?
Answer- No sorry this product does not support that.
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