Microsoft 3500 Wireless mouse From £19.99 to £4.99 - 2 designs @ Comet
Microsoft 3500 Wireless mouse From £19.99 to £4.99 - 2 designs @ Comet

Microsoft 3500 Wireless mouse From £19.99 to £4.99 - 2 designs @ Comet

Buy forBuy forBuy for£4.99
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Design 1: comet.co.uk/p/C…999
Design 2: comet.co.uk/p/C…006

I missed this deal last time as price went back up to £9.99 then full price: £19.99.
Has just dropped back down so purchased one of these and a Logitech one (posted separately).

Collect in store (picked up from Oxford today)

NB: These are my 1st and 2nd posts so hope I've done it right. Constructive feedback welcome.


Collect from store and none available in major city. cold, cold, cold

Original Poster

Last time I checked, Oxford was a major city...

You can get them delivered

Great price for a good mouse


Collect from store and none available in major city. cold, cold, … Collect from store and none available in major city. cold, cold, cold

It's available in all three of my local stores and I'm inside the M25...

Troll-tastic comment though. Especially since you've copied and pasted it to other similar deals!

My local store didn't have any, but the nearest larger store has loads! ordered 2, one for work and one for home... can't go wrong for under £5!

Got one of these yesterday, great price

In stock in Chester. Picked one up today

Very hot as it has Blue Track technology.


Excellent price. Just ordered one and now off to collect it.

Both designs available in South Birmingham and Worcester.

Pick me up in Chester today. voted hot. They even come supplied with a Duracell battery. Same model different design going for as much as £24 on Fleabay.
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Great deal -- somehow i order for delivery -- hopefully get it

thanx just got two.

got 1 today and very good spec'ed wee mouse for under a deep sea.......8)

still a few about - like in cheltenham

thanks OP

None in the two Northampton stores - but Kettering have it

Just reserved a coupe in Coventry. The downside is that I'll have to go in to Coventry, but the good news is that there is still stock available.

Great deal, really great deal, really really great deal !!!! Heat fire etc

OOS, in Halifax, Huddersfield and Bradford


Managed to reserve 2 in Leeds Crown Point

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Forgot i ordered this, no confirmation email or item "/ nobs

Do these need batteries?

Heat Added still have both designs in Sheffield

Great deal thank you


Do these need batteries?

No they run off cheese (_;)

Just reserved a coupel thanks op

Yes batter supplied

Yes batter supplied

Thanks OP just managed to locate one in the Galilean store on Planet Jupiter

Loads in Scotland

Both in Perth, Dundee and various other places I checked


Do these need batteries?

No, they run off miniature pygmy hamsters running on a cage connected to a miniature generator, all within the confines of the mouse.

A better query would be; Are batteries supplied with the mouse and are they rechargeable?

Looked at the blue track stuff and I just might have to buy one of these:


Reserved in Cannock.
Still showing as in stock.

No stock anywhere in the West Midlands!

One left in Crayford

None left in Dundee. Still have both in Perth

Doh! Every time this deal comes up I get excited & ready to buy, only to discover that they have gone out of stock near me. Oh well


No they run off cheese (_;)

Does that mean I can use jokes from the hotukdeals forums to power it?

You could run it for 10 years on the jokes in 1 egg deal alone.

Well I really dont need yet another mouse but can't resist a bargain so I've reserved one!!!
HUKD has had its wicked way with me yet again! (_;)

Never quite trust Comet though, as they hadn't any trace of my last order.

There are about 6 left on the shelf in Worcester.

Heat added but shame the colours are pants!

Out of stock everywhere on my way to home but good deal HOT

Plenty in stock at Teeside Park Stockton.
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