Posted 18 May 2024

Microsoft 365 Family 6 People 12 months (+ 3 mths free) & McAfee / 6 TB cloud storage (1TB pp) = £44.99 w/ signup code (digital or c+c)

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About this deal

Update 1
05/06 - Available again, take to checkout to see price update
Take to checkout to see price update. 15 Months Microsoft 365 Family 6 people for £44.99 using the £5 off marketing signup code. (12 months + claim 3 months from Microsoft). Reduced to £49.99 at checkout and apply £5 signup code. Each person can have 1TB of Cloud Storage plus Microsoft Office Suite. Claim Extra 3 Months Microsoft 365 Family: m365promo.microsoft.com/ (h…om/. Free collection to store or the digital version saves click and collect.

A Microsoft 12-month subscription for up to 6 people that includes powerful productivity and security apps, premium features, extra cloud storage, and advanced security for your family's digital and physical safety. McAfee Total Protection for 5 devices is all-in-one online protection – award-winning antivirus, and online services to protect your security, identity, and privacy so you can live your life online freely & confidently.

  • Microsoft - For up to six people to use on 5 devices at the same time per person. Includes up to 6 TB of cloud storage (1 TB per person) and includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint with offline access and premium features.
  • McAfee - Check the health of your online protection – our industry-first Protection Score will identify weak spots and guide you to improve your security.
  • Monitor the dark web for your personal info - we'll notify you if it's found so you can take action.
  • Bank and shop privately – McAfee's Secure VPN automatically turns on to protect your personal data and credit card info.
  • Secure your accounts - generate and store complex passwords with a password manager. Award-winning antivirus - rest easy knowing McAfee will notify you of risky websites and protect you from the latest threats.

General information:

  • Number of devices: 5.
  • Format: Product key card.
  • 5 user licence key.
  • Software licence activated for 1 year.

Minimum PC system requirements:

  • Windows 8 or later operating system.
  • OS X 10.12 or later operating system.
  • 1GHz processor speed.
  • 2GB RAM.
  • 1.3GB available hard disk space.
  • EAN: 4251972996228
  • EAN 4255663332418

Claim Extra 3 Months Microsoft 365 Family

  • Once you have the 25 character code from Argos visit: m365promo.microsoft.com/ (https://m365promo.microsoft.com/)
  • Fill in the form submitting your Argos "Order Confirmed" email screenshot as proof.
  • The "Qualifying Device" in the form is "Subscription software minimum term 1 year". Wait some time (few minutes to a few days) and Microsoft will email you another 25 character code which, when redeemed, will extend the subscription for a 3 further months.
  • You can claim the additional 3 months with each new purchase of Microsoft 365 Family up to 10 times, so you can stack up purchases of 15 months.

Useful links

£5 marketing signup code

Returns Argos

Delivery Argos
Argos More details at

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  1. Minstadave's avatar
    I use this with Synology, can have multiple cloud accounts allowing you to use multiple 1TB storage pools.
    CorpJones's avatar
    Thanks, does that mean if you have a 3tb folder for example, it can automatically span it across 3 diff onedrive instances?
  2. alexander.beaven's avatar
    Stay away from McAfee it slows down your pC & you only really need Windows Defender on the average home PC. (edited)
    Muzzzzzzz's avatar
  3. Ronski007's avatar
    Good deal but there is a slightly better deal already posted if still available.

    hukdealer's avatar
    That’s Personal, this deal is Family
  4. LetoKynes's avatar
    Extra 3 months from MS came within seconds of submitting the claim

    Good value for what you're getting especially with the family version, thanks OP
    Bodrul_Islam's avatar
    How do you claim, I got auto 1 month but can't get the extra 3 months?
  5. alpha's avatar
    LetoKynes's avatar
    Had mine come in within half an hour
  6. barnehurst's avatar
    In case people dont know, there are tutorials on YouTube to legally install Microsoft 365 on your pc for free.

    Just saying
    adzg91's avatar
    Presumably referring to the MS 365 Dev account. Works well enough, been using for about 12 months. Comes with 1tb storage BUT it’s a business account so the functionality is slightly different and the mobile apps don’t have then photo category as these are intended for files.
  7. Ramsea's avatar
    I never got the +3 months. Any ideas?
  8. 123sonny123's avatar
    Oh c@rp. My current sub ends June 28th 2028. 5 years = June End 2029.
    Does that mean I cannot benefit from the extra 3 months? Anyone know if there is a date limit by when the extra 3 months voucher code should be used by? If not, then I can submit the 2 codes on ~ Sep 28th of this year
    notmyproblem's avatar
    The email from Microsoft does state no expiry date to the voucher so you should be okay.
  9. spannerzone's avatar
    Not bad deal but oh dear I can't do another thread about the rights and wrongs of subscription software, I've got a brick wall that needs my head banging against.
    Ramsea's avatar
    The online storage is worth the cost alone.
  10. Miketdi's avatar
    Great deal
  11. ivri's avatar
    Great price as always but I wish they would just pool the storage. Then the price would be too good I guess.
    mcav's avatar
    While there are workarounds I completely agree.
  12. Frofa's avatar
    As long as you don't use the mcafee subscription, this is pretty good!
  13. Maulin_Patel's avatar
    Can it be used on iPad or iPhone??
    Mentos's avatar
  14. Vybz's avatar
    great deal
  15. babydinosaur's avatar
    Many thanks. Thanks to stacking, I'm good now until 2029!
  16. Jonny678's avatar
    Thanks, great deal.
  17. Alex_lo's avatar
    Can this be stacked please?
    PeacePipe's avatar
    5 years, that's all we got, we've got 5 years, stuck on Mars.
  18. timmy85's avatar
    N1 OP stacked 2 codes successfully. 🫡
  19. Jacktyson1992's avatar
    Is this for new sign ups or would it work to add onto existing? Currently pay £8 a month for mine so this deal is brilliant!
    LetoKynes's avatar
    Add on works great and has for years
  20. all2humanuk's avatar
    Great offer anyway but if they still allowed the use of custom domains this would be a steal.
  21. 614712's avatar
    Cracking deal. I've just signed up for this version direct with MS at £79.99 and am currently on a 30 day free trial before making the payment. Can anyone give me a few pointers on cancelling that purchase and is there anything special I need to do to get this deal running?
    jimthehorsegod's avatar
    You can buy and redeem this on your account and it will then not need to bill you (unless or until this one expires of course so plan to buy another each year)
  22. decrypted's avatar
    better value than if anyone has though of using icloud storage options for pricing per GB.
    googleboogle's avatar
    Can’t really back up your iPhone etc to one drive though

    but for photos it’s loads cheaper 
  23. dach's avatar
    I wonder what the renewal price will be. Hopefully this isn’t cheap drug deal to get us all hooked. 
    Ramsea's avatar
    £79.99 I believe. But you can stack codes or redeem future codes for a discount.
  24. obsydian's avatar
    Excellent will buy and add to my existing family plan
  25. Cfrn's avatar
    Sorry if this is a dumb question but what does
    Stacking mean ? I haven’t come across this term
    notmyproblem's avatar
    Extending the expiry date of the sub through multiple purchases. (edited)
  26. 573310's avatar
    now showing out of stock but they have another listing which looks identical. Whats the difference between this one and the below?

    notmyproblem's avatar
    Unless I'm missing something, no online delivery. Pick up only.
  27. muise's avatar
    I don't want my McAfee code, in case anyone else does, here it is

    sansu's avatar
  28. SaladRiot's avatar
    My claims for the +3 months were rejected with the reasons:

    • Purchase date cannot be found on the proof of purchase.
    • A qualifying device cannot be found on proof of purchase.#

    The purchase date was visible however.
    Heads up for anyone expecting the +3 months to be an easy claim.
    573310's avatar
    How long did it take from submitting the claim to the decline email?
  29. bazpoint's avatar
    Lovely jubly, 12+3 months added, the Microsoft redemption came back in under 10 minutes.... even managed to use some Quidco credit as boosted Argos voucher to bring it down a little more. That's me stacked into 2027... that'll do for now, world might end by then, no point putting any more on!
  30. Moss.b's avatar
    Damn it was about to purchase.
    avz108's avatar
    It's back on
  31. kutekitty's avatar
    Ooh, if only it was with Norton as I find their VPN to be very useful. (edited)
  32. Moss.b's avatar
    I have a slight problem, I have 5 different gift cards, all with low value. You can only add 3. Anyone know how I can combine all? Ty
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