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Posted 29 August 2022

Microsoft 365 Family 6 People - 12 months (plus claim 3 months free) and McAfee Unlimited Devices - £49.99 ( Free click & Collect) @ Argos

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Microsoft 365 Family 6 People and McAfee Unlimited Devices is available for £49.99 from Argos.

It is not matching the previous lowest price, but I think it is the best price at the moment, in case you need them now!

It comes with 12 months subscription and you need to claim free 3 months from Microsoft using this claim form :
Claim Offer - Get 3 More Months of Microsoft 365

* Claims can be made up to sixty (60) calendar days following the date of purchase of the Qualifying Product and Qualifying Device/Attach Product. The date of purchase counts as day 1.

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365: New name, more benefits, same price. Subscribe today and get all the benefits of Microsoft 365 automatically. Get the installed applications you know and trust- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access, across multiple devices with Microsoft 365 Family.

McAfee Total Protection: All-in-one online protection so you can enjoy life online. Unlike disjointed applications, McAfee delivers a single, simple solution that seamlessly protects your personal data and devices, wherever and whenever.

Microsoft Office 365 supports up to 6 users, who can activate up to six devices each. McAfee Total protection supports an unlimited number of devices including tablets & smartphones.

Microsoft 365: 60 Skype minutes per month and 1 TB cloud storage for each user, and now includes the new office apps for your PC and Mac.

New upgrades always included.

  • 6 user licence key.
  • 1 year licence.

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  1. Avatar
    Just remember that OneDrive, which Office 365 uses, comes with 15Gb of free storage. If you use the extra 1TB of storage in OneDrive that comes with an Office 365 subscription then in 12 +3 months time you need to pay for a further Office 365 subscription or you lose the 1TB additional storage. With the latter if your files exceed 15Gb you will need to save your files elsewhere or buy more OneDrive storage.
    That's outrageous, you don't get to keep using the product when you've stopped paying for it! No other subscription works that way
  2. Avatar
    Does everyone actually need office 365 or you just want the MS office…if so you can get the Office 2021 Professional Plus | Lifetime License | For Windows 10 / 11 From Amazon for £20 or so
    I don't just buy it for Office, but also for having 1tb cloud storage for the whole family. Does anything else come close?
  3. Avatar
    i really would never ever get McAfee. It's almost impossible to get rid of if you install it. Even their own uninstall ultility doesn't work and if you don't completely unistall it, it comes back and keeps wanting you to pay for it again!
    I use it as its free, but it is horrible - it goes out of its way to act like malware.
    Wish id kept buying k***y (ill star it out as im likely to endup on a hit list mentioning it!)
  4. Avatar
    Is there a way to manage all 6 accounts without having to individually log in to each different account all the time?
    You can add multi OneDrive accounts on the OneDrive app and then just select between them without having to login each time
  5. Avatar
    Back to full price now
  6. Avatar
    This is about as good as it gets these days.
  7. Avatar
    The family version is good as I share a few accounts with family members and then I keep a few accounts just for online back up which is good. Using the OneDrive app also saves photos as originals, not reduced quality versions. (edited)
  8. Avatar
    Fingers crossed Amazon match, as I have a 15% discount on my business account
    Tell me more about the 15% business discount?
  9. Avatar
    There's a personal £5 code for online orders probably in your inbox somewhere...saves a bit if you have it delivered.
  10. Avatar
    We use office365 Premium as a business paying £9 per month per user,can I cancel my subscriptions for 6 staff and use this package instead? Will I need to migrate any data? (edited)
    I really don't recomend it if. When you share this with a family / friends, the accounts will show on linked machines. It's absolutely not designed for business use.

    You also don't have the security & compilance tools (GDPR etc), as well as many of the more advanced features of the business version. Things that you don't realise you need until you get hit by something that requires them.
  11. Avatar
    This is a good deal. Will top mine up with it. McAfee is of course a waste of cardboard.
    Yeah but I was still able to get £9 for it on eBay! There's always someone who is prepared to buy it
  12. Avatar
    People would pay to NOT get mcafee. a disgusting piece of software in 2022...
    Why is it disgusting? Current version performs pretty well according top this test (which was always well regarded)
  13. Avatar
    I guess 49.99 is the new 39.99?

    And why hasn’t anyone posted yet about how you can get Office 2010 on eBay for 50p? (edited)
    Probably because you can get 2019 for fiver
  14. Avatar
    The problem is they did this last year then dropped it down to £39.99 not long after. I don't know to get 1 year top up or wait and see (edited)
  15. Avatar
    I bought this product last year. Can someone tell me how I can reedem it again, I beleive it is stackable?
    Yes it’s stackable, you can add up to 5 years in one go. Just go to redeem the code when you’ve purchased it office.com/setup
  16. Avatar
    Great price, shame Amazon haven't price matched yet!
  17. Avatar
    Is this delivered by electronic code, or do you have to go pick up a card or box?
    Pick up, I've just ordered. You get option for delivery or pickup, not electronic code.
  18. Avatar
    This vs MS Office 2019 anyone?
  19. Avatar
    Does it top up one year on an existing subscription ?
    Yes, others have confirmed, I have also checked with outlook support.
  20. Avatar
    Super expensive, and this "antivirus" isn't good.
    Care to share where it (or equivalent) is available cheaper?
  21. Avatar
    If I have 3 months to go on my subscription, can I buy this, put in the code and boost for an extra 12 months?
  22. Avatar
    Can you get Microsoft exchange with this for emails?
    Think you mean Outlook and no, it's not included; use webmail.
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