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Posted 6 January 2023

Microsoft 365 Family 6 People and McAfee Unlimited Devices £49.99 Free Click & Collect @ Argos

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

There is cheaper for a single user but thought this for 6 users and all getting the 1 tb of cloud storage has to be worth considering.

Microsoft Office 365 supports up to 6 users, who can activate up to six devices each. McAfee Total protection supports an unlimited number of devices including tablets & smartphones.

Microsoft 365: 60 Skype minutes per month and 1 TB cloud storage for each user, and now includes the new office apps for your PC and Mac.

New upgrades always included.

6 user licence key.
1 year licence.

info added by @wadz

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365: New name, more benefits, same price. Subscribe today and get all the benefits of Microsoft 365 automatically. Get the installed applications you know and trust- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access, across multiple devices with Microsoft 365 Family.

McAfee Total Protection: All-in-one online protection so you can enjoy life online. Unlike disjointed applications, McAfee delivers a single, simple solution that seamlessly protects your personal data and devices, wherever and whenever.

Minimum PC system requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or later.
  • Processor speed: 1.4GHz.
  • RAM: 4GB.
  • Available hard disk space: 1.5GB.

Minimum Mac system requirements:
  • Processor speed: 1GHz.
  • RAM: 4GB.
  • Available hard disk space: 1.5GB.

General information:
  • For ages 10 years and over.
  • EAN: 5027757117411.

Argos More details at Argos

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  1. Avatar
    Is this stackable with an existing subscription?
  2. Avatar
    Do you get a Skype number with this that people can call from landlines etc?
  3. Avatar
    if you're buying this for the antivirus then you're doing something wrong..
  4. Avatar
    This has gone up to £84.99 now
    55 seems to be cheapest now
  5. Avatar
    £9.99 with 10 devices at curry's if this helps someone
    Link please
  6. Avatar
    Forgot to mention new customers can also get 5% back at TCB
  7. Avatar
    I only want the office package and don't want the storage. What's the best option?
    This is, definitely. You can ignore the storage, but if you'll install on your phone, you can get your photos to upload automatically and other nice things so in the end it's kinda for free and useful. Same with the 60min a month for skype. I've ended up buying custom phone numbers for all countries I live in on skype and use this as a good alternative from 3 different accounts making it 180 free min each month. Each of these subscriptions separately would work out far costlier than buying this package and ignoring whatever you don't care for.
  8. Avatar
    This is now around the "good deal" price. You can sometimes get 15 months for this price. Ditch/sell the AV software.
    You can claim 3 additional months from Microsoft directly.
  9. Avatar
    I wonder if this will work on Mac 2013
    Probably no. If you're connected to the Internet on that machine, then you need to be careful because it's likely out of security coverage (< MacOS 11). Apple would like you to replace it.

    Macs absolutely do get malware. (edited)
  10. Avatar
    IMO just buy the standalone and dont bother with 365. Much cheaper long run. Lots of people are over spending.

    Stacksocial or various websites like MacWorld UK run offers. (edited)
    What you mean standalone?
  11. Avatar
    Are there better AV than McAfee?
    Many recommend just using the in built windows defender nowadays
  12. Avatar
    Stack ‘em high… yeahhh boy.

    I’m up to 2026 thanks to these deals!

    Chuck the antivirus in the bin though. Worthless in my opinion if you have Windows Defender (edited)
  13. Avatar
    How do you get 3 months extra for free after applying the 12 months code ?
  14. Avatar
    AO have had it at this price for a while….
    The deal comes and goes from various places but ao is currently 71 for this
  15. Avatar
    Is the storage only for the subscription duration? If you don't renew, it would be a pain to shift all that storage allowance?
    I believe so.
  16. Avatar
    Don't forget, 10% staff discount if you know a Sainsbury's employee. Along with the £10 you'll get on ebay for McAfee makes this a decent price in my view for 15 months.
    I usually struggle to get 4 quid for my McAfee or Norton
  17. Avatar
    Isn't it easier to just office 2021 without the yearly faff?
    Then you don't get the 6tb one drive storage 1TB per account (edited)
  18. Avatar
    If only they did this with Norton Anti Virus. 
    They have done in the past through amazon
  19. Avatar
    I run a small business and I’ve bought similar before - just use it for my emails mostly and sometimes (rarely) word and excel. Do I really need this or is there another option please? I believe all of my emails are stored on my hosting (I think?!) as I’ve linked this with my email addresses associated with my domain, so do I need this storage...? As you can tell, I’m not exactly IT-orientated..

    Also what are people meaning when they say this stacks? Can you use one of these for circa £50, and get 5-6 years of use or something please? (edited)
    Stack means you can buy this multiple times and when you put the product keys into M365 page you'll get an additional year for each additional product key. So you can buy three of these and get three years worth.
  20. Avatar
    Is it best to wait until one of these offers comes with a better anti virus?
  21. Avatar
    This is great for anyone who is their family’s IT support. I’ve got my partner, mother and MIL all set up with full Office suite and rock solid integrated backups via OneDrive. 

    OneDrive also has good apps for Android and iOS and I use it with, eg, PDF Expert to sync annotations across devices. Ditched the Google Drive sub as a result. 
  22. Avatar
    Light users might want to know that anyone can get free access to browser versions of the main apps with an MS account. Plus the 5GB storage and mobile apps. 
    But can't edit with them.
  23. Avatar
    Thanks. Was looking for this to be available again.
  24. Avatar
    I wish there was a simple way to combine the storage
    Only corporate accounts can add all the storage together which is a huge amount with a lot of users but other apps take it up too
  25. Avatar
    45.49 for 12 months 365 at ludos org, mine cam as 2 x 6 though so no 3 month top up promo
    As two 6 month codes and one doesn't work so only actually get 6 month, but because one worked no refund
  26. Avatar
    Does anyone know if Argos/Amazon run offers on Office 365 other than in Nov/Dec and Jan? I have previously purchased at £39.99 during Black Friday and in January, but this time my sub doesn't run out until May. I was going to wait but now wondering if this might be my last chance at this price until the end of the year.
    You can buy them at any point and it will add on a year to your subscription up to a maximum of 5 years mine is valid until 2026
  27. Avatar
    I just signed up to a free trial and there doesn't seem to be any Skype minutes. I also notice the image shown on the Argos web site doesn't mention Skype minutes. It is mentioned in the text on the Argos web site but it doesn't seem to be mentioned on the Microsoft/Office web site. I'm not convinced that the Skype minutes are still offered.
    It is included and only includes certain countries you can't call UK numbers
  28. Avatar
    Got 5 years stacked. :-)
  29. Avatar
    Can some one help. This is what I am looking for
    Office on my desktop so I don't need the online version when working from home
    Office on my laptop
    I was thinking of Getting two copies of Office 2021 Professional Plus | Lifetime License | For Windows 10 / 11 Only [license]


    I do not need the cloud storage. I have all my stuff autobacked up to a 6tb drive
    As long as you can rely on the integrity of the license ie, not just a free trial?
  30. Avatar
    Can I just ask why are people stacking these? Do you think the price will go up much or just for convenience?
    You used to be able to get this for around 40 now the best is 49.99 so it's already gone up and don't see it dropping but the monthly sub would be £79.99 a year or 7.99 a month so may aswell while on offer (edited)
  31. Avatar
    Do you get the office desktop versions with this too or is it just online versions?
    You get the installable desktop versions for 6 devices for each account
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