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Microsoft 365 Pesonal | 15 Months | 1 user | PC/Mac, Tablet and Phone + McAfee Total Protection 2022 (Download) - £39.99 @ Amazon

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Microsoft 365 - A 15-month subscription | 1 User, 6 Devices + 12 months McAfee total Protection 2022

Microsoft 365 - User can install on unlimited number of devices and be logged in to up to 5 devices at the same time including PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets & phones.

Microsoft 365 - Up to 1 TB (1000 GB) of One Drive cloud storage. Microsoft Defender advanced security for your data and devices.
Microsoft 365 - Premium apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Outlook, Microsoft Editor, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Editor, Clipchamp video editor, and more.

Microsoft 365 – To activate, go to Office.com/setup and sign in with your Microsoft account or create a new account (save your credentials). Enter your product key and follow the instructions.

McAfee Total Protection - Includes award-winning antivirus which blocks viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware and unwanted programs from your devices.
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. HUKD69's avatar
    Unless you need it urgently, better off waiting for the usual Argos deal and get family sub for same
    sossidge's avatar
    wasn’t Argos £50 last time?
  2. harrythefish's avatar
    Happily using Libreoffice Calc at the moment on home machines. However was watching a YouTube video yesterday about plugging internet connected AI into Excel. In the demo, in a dialogue box inside Excel, you could conversationally ask something like "List the Spice Girls' names and their nicknames". Instantly the list appears in a column, and one extra step makes that into a table. Even more impressively you could paste a company's balance sheet summary in, and ask: "What are the risks and opportunities?". You'd get a 3 or 4 paragraph easy to digest reply - everything from within Excel.

    To set up the AI connection, you need to install a script into an Excel template using MS Scripting and subscribe to the OpenAI API. So for the first time in a while I got interested in renting Excel for home use.

    Then I saw a comment below the video: for Excel installed on your PC, the scripting feature only exists in Enterprise version of Office. (You'd know as the 'Automate' button will be in the toolbar). True or false? Can anyone who's got the Personal/Home/Family version confim if 'Automate' is there? (I'm not interested in MS Office for Web).

    This is the best info I could find and it leaves me unsure:

    Requirements. To use Office Scripts, you'll need the following.
    Excel for Windows, for Mac, or on the web.
    OneDrive for Business.
    Any commercial or educational Microsoft 365 license with access to the Microsoft 365 Office desktop apps, such as:

    Office 365 Business
    Office 365 Business Premium
    Office 365 ProPlus
    Office 365 ProPlus for Devices
    Office 365 Enterprise E3
    Office 365 Enterprise E5
    Office 365 A3
    Office 365 A5
  3. Zack_LeeCQL's avatar
    Can I just buy it and wait to my current subscription expired then use it?
    Felis's avatar
  4. Alansmithee's avatar
    User can install on up to 5 devices including PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets & phones.

    You can install on as many devices as you like - it allows you to be logged in to five at same time.
    LFC95's avatar
    Thanks mate, i’ll correct the description.
  5. oldskooladdict's avatar
    So with this stacking business, could I get this one, use it and then bag the Argos one when it comes up in a few weeks, despite the fact its one user to six.
    spannerzone's avatar
    No not the best way, MS says:

    For example, if you use a Microsoft 365 Personal product key to renew, and you currently have aMicrosoft 365 Family subscription, you'll be offered a choice to stay with Microsoft 365 Family subscription and receive less than a year of subscription benefits, since Microsoft 365 Family costs more, or you can switch to Microsoft 365 Personal. (edited)
  6. colliwag's avatar
    Anyone had much experience of the lifetime ones that are available? Seems you get a login and password that you can’t change. Assume they’re stolen? Or are they just grey market?
    HPMan's avatar
    You'd either be one of the 6 users in a rolling sub or it might be a business licence which you've no control over the expiry. 

    If it was the former there is no privacy in what you do with the software.

  7. gagagaga's avatar
    I'll never use this - feel free to take. Please post a reply to stop others wasting time trying.

    McAfee Activation Code:

    McAfee Subscription activation instructions:

    Follow the steps below to activate your McAfee

    software subscription.

    1. Go to mcafee.com/act…ate on the device you want to protect.

    2. Enter the 25-digit activation code.

    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install your software.

    No CD Required. Your McAfee software is downloaded online to ensure you get our newest version.
    jamesvolunteer's avatar
    I have used this. Thanks loads for that.
  8. Solac's avatar
    Worth it for the 1TB storage alone
  9. storeyrich's avatar
    Miss the days of buying Office once then owning it forever. Office has barely changed in 25 years. Perhaps an over exaggeration but how many enhancements have their really been to being able to edit a document, put some data in cells, or throw some graphics into PowerPoint.

    At work, the 'everyone edit the same document at the same time' feature is neat. But for home use ... (edited)
    dealicon's avatar
    Pure greed and this is a trend everywhere in every other "software maker". I totally agree that there must be an option for perpetual licence. Word and Excel have plateaued and no point paying fee year after year.

    I was shocked at Adobe Photoshop as well. They ditched perpetual licence after Photoshop CS and now only sell annual licences. Pretty much the same install experience on the desktop and the same user experience! There is hardly any "service" component that requires an annual fee.

    Recently even car makers are catching up on this trend of SaaS or "software as a service". BMW announced that the heated front seats feature in some models can be only used after paying £15 per month fee! This is ludicrous as the customer has already paid for the hardware in the car.
  10. flang's avatar
    I'm still rocking Office 2007 and it does everything I need for now anyway. (y) 

    spannerzone's avatar
    To be honest even 2003 works well enough for basic chores, sure it's got more security leaks than a colander I guess but actually for word and excel it's probably good enough. I bet most of us use about 4% of the office suite capabilities! For me, I use this Office 365 family so my parents and aunts have up to date software and I manage it for them... they're blissfully unaware (edited)
  11. HottUKDealer's avatar
    Got Office 2016 on the HUP for £15 a while ago. I’m riding that for as long as it lasts. Screw subscribing to Word/Excel
    colliwag's avatar
    Agree really annoying
  12. modmouse's avatar
    I paid £49 a few days ago can't sell the key or at least no takers for it yet on eBay
    JagerNinja's avatar
    Probably because people are buying it for £39.99 on this deal
  13. montana78's avatar
    The family version usually sells for this.. you could use 1 account for work another for cloud storage on your phone as it gives 6 x 1tb cloudspace  (y)  
  14. MRP's avatar
    I switched to the permanent version as its been on offer everywhere. The sub isnt worth it.
    kwl147's avatar
    It is if need or use OneDrive or cloud storage as a whole.

    Best value comes from the family packs. Not much more than this.
  15. unuspromulti's avatar
    Buy a bunch of these and then buy a month of Family
  16. greenant's avatar
    For those considering this there’s also Office Professional 2021 lifetime license on the same site for £24.66. This is the latest version before switching to the subscription model and works on the latest OSs. 
    amazon.co.uk/Pro…U61 (edited)
  17. mjob76's avatar
    Anyone used these..?
  18. msanman's avatar
    Good deal. Does anyone know where to purchase a discounted copy of MS Project 2016 or better 2019 please ?
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