Microsoft band 2 Size SMALL £79.99 @ Argos / Ebay

Microsoft band 2 Size SMALL £79.99 @ Argos / Ebay

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Found 21st Feb
I know they don't sell this anymore but an excellent band still fully working as it should and a great price to match a d brand new.
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Not worth it. Platform is dead, MS is no longer supporting it.
S.c.0.TT.y1 m ago

Not worth it. Platform is dead, MS is no longer supporting it.

Agreed. Had the original band and it tore after 12 months. Real waste of money.
Really nice watch with great features, but my strap split after about about 14 months. No way of replacing it as the strap incorporates the battery and the UV sensor. Also, as people say, MS no longer support it. Shame really, it was great whilst it lasted. Got a Fitbit Blaze now which I don't think looks as good but it has great support and comparable functionality. Every so often you see them on sale at about £110.
Got an original band and its a great piece of hardware - sadly the software is absolutely atrocious : freezes / doesn't sync / doesn't load for many minutes / have to factory reset the band every other time its used just to get it working with the software again. Shocking how quickly Microsoft pulled support and left it to die. Shameful
This seems a lot of money for dead tech. No doubt someone will benefit but surely at this price its best to wait for further reductions.
Honestly i wouldnt bother. Grrat hardware at the time but battery life aint so great (2 days i think), strap broken within a couple of months and software sync was a right pain even with microsoft mobile phone.
I have had two of these and they both split around the band, which means it's knackered.
I liked it but for it's lack of longevity.
The wife went through 3 of these in the end, all replaced under warranty with different issues in less than 6 months. Nice watch, shocking reliability
I loved these! I had two and the same thing happened to both as has happened to others above. The strap split and MS are not interested. Shame, because it's been the smart watch that most suited my needs so far. I've went to ticwatch which does everything I need for the moment - but I still miss my band! If it was half this price I might splash for it - but not at this price
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Agree with all the nay-sayers, unfortunately... Had Band 1 and 2, both with problems (latter only lasted a few months). Still liked it and hoping V 3.0 was going to iron out all the issues but MS dropped the platform like a hot potato.

Not really worth buying into now, sadly
I had band 1 the metal housing on the inside turned green and cracked. The rubber also gave me a nasty rash which happened to quite a few people.
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