Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 £2.50 at Asda Glasshoughton!

Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 £2.50 at Asda Glasshoughton!

Found 29th Nov 2011
Possibly nationwide, I'm not sure, but they do have quite a few left at Glasshoughton. A total bargain!


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bargain, heat added


Heat applied

heat for Glasshoughton!

bargain, heat added

Staff discount too!!!

Anyone know if nationwide?

I'm using this keyboard, It's pretty nice.


HEAT added nice find

bargain need to get 1

I need one! but too far...

Am gonna buy 100 of it.



Sure is.

Currently £15.05 on Amazon.

More heat for Glasshoughton

Will check my local tomorrow, absolute bargain and will make a nice replacement of the worn out one I'm currently using.

This is the one I use normally.
Be warned that it does have a considerable curve to the keys compared to a normal keyboard however, saying that I've actually found it to be really comfortable now that I'm used to it and I do think I can type much faster with it..

Great price, heat added, might actually try and pick up a spare or two if I can find it at this price.

great keyboard!!

It is a false information or sold it out ! ! ! -I called them.

any chance someone could grab one for me please.

Heat added, purely for Glasshoughton, home of EASTERN COURT, the best chinese buffet in the country

Using this keyboard now - great price

£14.95 in Asda, in Leckwith, in Cardiff

Not made by Apple, Cold!

I know a keyboard made by Apple would be £300 or something but I'm sure it would be worth every penny

Its a good keyboard it keep your elbows spaced out which makes it very comfy. When it finally broke after about three years of using it I move to a g15 and it felt so wrong ........... till i got use to it lol

heat added


I am using one of these - got it from Curry's for about £15 and that was a bargain, hard to type when it's dark tho because of the angle of the keyboard, apart from that great!

Amazing keyboard, really comfortable to use and super responsive. At £2 it's a bargain!


glasshoughton? where is that?

card was a lot, but the deal is good hot lol

I've been using one of these wired USB keyboards every day at work for years - excellent keyboard, nice short-travel, laptop-style keys, handy calculator button, highly recommended even at £10-15!


glasshoughton? where is that?

Not sure myself, but people who live there don't throw stones

I'm using one of these, I'm not fussed on it as the keys are quite shallow. Its not as good as the Logitech Wave which I have used but for £2.50 its a bargain. Mine was £10 from Amazon.


glasshoughton? where is that?

never heard of it so looked it up , up north amongst those places where they play Rugby League
I wont bother 416 mile round trip for me X)


£14.95 in Asda, in Leckwith, in Cardiff

Same price in Accrington Lancs.

will check my local asda tomorrow hopefully

Just got the last one on the shelf, Thanks
Heat Added

Looks like another 1 store only deal ?

not in asda Byker in Newcastle =(

£14.95 in Eastleigh
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