Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 Keyboard £7.99 @ morrisons
Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 Keyboard £7.99 @ morrisons

Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 Keyboard £7.99 @ morrisons

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Just spotted in the local Morrisons and thought it might be of use to anyone looking for a new (spill resistant) keyboard.

PC, Mac, USB

Work with your hands in a more natural position with this compact ergonomic keyboard. Just plug it in and start typing - more comfortably. PRODUCT FEATURES: Enjoy a drink while you work - this keyboard is designed to withstand an accidental spill; The notebook-like, sleek design of these keys feels and looks great; The stylish, curved design of this ergonomic keyboard helps your hands and wrists rest more naturally for greater comfort; With the touch of a button you can quickly access the Internet; Just plug in this keyboard and start typing - Space Saving Design; MultiMedia Keys; Cutting-Edge Design?

Product Features
- Sleek, compact design with low-profile keys
- Curved keyboard design delivers more comfort
- Water-resistant
- Easy setup and use
- Convenient Hot Keys
- One-touch control of music, video and more
- Back and Forward keys


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Not very good reviews on Amazon, if you check out the thirteen 1 and 2 star contributions.

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.. and shed loads of very positive review.

8 one stars, 30 5 stars and 22 4 stars! Tell it as it is.

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Looks good, I got a £4.99 Argos Value keyboard, one of the keys broke very early on so we had it replaced for free and now the "T" key on this one doesn't work a lot of the time unless it's pressed very hard!!! Think we need another replacement so will keep this in mind.

I got this keyboard and love typing on it

Got 2 of these - one for home and one for work. Paid just over £9 for the last one a few weeks ago, so this is a good deal.

Good deal, if only I had a larger morrisons near me, the electrical dep is tiny in enfield

I got a PCline branded wireless keyboard and mouse set in Currys for £10 a few weeks ago. Works with my laptop, 360 and PS3.

The one Gyle [email protected] is not having it either

I have one of these, I really like it.
Great price

Good price. Good keyboard. I cannot speak to the negative reviews, we have tons of these at work and I really like them. They're like typing on a laptop keyboard, and have just enough function keys to keep you happy...

Been using Microsoft keyboards for 10+ years and you cant beat them in my opinion, using this keyboard for 2 or 3 years. Love it, used to have the full on MS ergonomic keyboards but they made it a bit awkward switching to the laptop so this makes life easier.

Thought the picture looked familiar. Same as what I've got. Think I paid about £17-£18 a few years back.

No complaints at all, although I can't say I've ever used the buttons along the top.

Got this at home, really good.

Love the space bar, although my space bar button is much larger.
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Have over 250 of these at work - we've had the odd failure but they will be fine in a home environment.

Just in case anyone is wondering as I did these are the full UK keyboard,

Looking on the box was`nt sure but inside £ @ etc all there voted HOT!

This has got laptop style keys, which I love

These keyboards are AWESOME, bought one for my laptop and it's great. Comfy, easy for touch typing, reliable and looks pretty nice too.

Got one, thanks OP.

Go for it, It is worth ever penny

Thanks, Loads of these left in Northampton Morrisons!
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