Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 (Webcam) @ Asda (Gosforth)  £6.50 Clearance (Maybe national?)

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 (Webcam) @ Asda (Gosforth) £6.50 Clearance (Maybe national?)

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Don't know what they're like but they're double this price everywhere else.
also doubt this is national but don't know for sure... the stock appeared from nowhere (Wasn't normal stock) so who knows.

Tech Blurb :

True 720p HD Video - Post true HD video to online video sites
16:9 Widescreen - For cinematic video recording
TrueColor Technology - Automatically delivers bright and colourful video, in virtually all lighting conditions
Universal attachement base - Work on your desktop, laptop or notebook

They also have :

Microsoft LifeChat LX-1000 headsets for £3.00
& Microsoft Express Mouse for £3.00

and they had Microsoft LX-3000 LifeChat Headset for £6.50 earlier but sold out by the time I went back to get one a 8pm :'(


Heat for being a Geordie:p


Unfortunately its not on the site anymore.

Damn, it was £12.50 at the Ashington Store at the weekend, perhaps they might have some still there on Sunday

from a woman's point of view, do these make you look fat?


from a woman's point of view, do these make you look fat?

tbh honest i can't confirm but it defo supports duck face

LX 2000' headsets were in for 3.75 the other day; picked one up as I needed one, their 1000's were 15£!!

Very decent. Got a like £700 laptop for Christmas, but Sony had the cheek to put the **** webcam in it! And I mean 10 frames a second ****. Will check Portsmouth ASDA tomorrow.

I've got a Microsoft Lifecam, although not this model --- but they all suffer from on major fault --- they're no good for HD Video, because they use your PCs CPU to process the video. On older machines this will grind them to a halt. Skype refused to certify them for use with its HD video calling service because of this, they'll only certify HD webcams that come with onboard video processing and therefore run even on any machine.

These type of cams should be rebranded as 'Capable of HD, theoretically' - the tag HD is a way of conning consumers who don't find out the truth until after they've purchased ---- although for £6.50 this is probably a bargain anyway. I paid £40 for mine, only to find out it was as useful as the £10 one I already had!

How are these for lowish light conditions (room lighting on full at night)?

I bought a cheap webcam and although it does the job, the image under these conditions is quite dark. I could do with something with a little more light-gathering power.
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Not nation wide.
still full price in basingstoke
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