Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 £17.99 @ Play

Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 £17.99 @ Play

Found 24th Aug 2010
Was looking for a bluetooth mouse for my laptop, and very tempted by the dell ones on here but didn't like the idea of battery power and being caught with dead batts, this mouse uses a rechargeable battery and it can be used whilst recharging, when its charging its like a wired mouse. It is wireless as default but i believe it is bluetooth also! i have just bought one and so will review when it gets here but they are on ebay for this price used and nowhere else seems to be remotely close!


This does look pretty hot. I have a Microsoft bluetooth notebook mouse 5000 that I use with my Dell Mini 9 (that has built-in bluetooth) coz I don't like the usb transceiver wireless mice.

This looks like a slight upgrade!

More details here:…nts


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yes, my plan is to use bluetooth but i think its just worth it for being able to use and charge at the same time!

Link says from £29.99. Pity.

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wow been 17.99 for like two weeks! i bought one today and posted it!
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