Microsoft Office Course Bundle - £19 @ Groupon

Microsoft Office Course Bundle - £19 @ Groupon

Found 9th Sep 2017
Microsoft Office 2013, 2016 and training bundle.
I'm not entirely sure why you get both versions of Office BUT you get training for both of them at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. I've seen office 2016 a little cheaper BUT with the course seems a very good deal.
I checked to see if this had been posted- apologies if I've duplicated.
If it isn't a good deal I've been duped please vote and let me know
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It won't include Office.
Bummer. It was well worded. I was duped. I'll cancel, thanks Ashe
As above says this is a office training course. You have to have an office suite already installed., you dont
get it with the course. Yes i agree it was very cleverly worded.
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Yes, I've negatived my own hot deal
Was £1299 now only £19 what a bargain!!!
I wonder if anyone ever paid the full price for this course?
My guess is the answer would be a resounding no.
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Trying to delete this now
I was actually looking for a course for MS Access. Does anyone know if IT Careers Online is any good as a learning aid?
It's probably worth mentioning the Home Use Programme. If you work for a large employer it's worth checking to see if you are eligible to get Office for just £9.95.
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