Microsoft Office (Student) 2007 & Norton Internet Security 2007 £99.99

Microsoft Office (Student) 2007 & Norton Internet Security 2007 £99.99

Found 14th Mar 2007
I went into pcworld last night and bought Microsoft Office (Student) 2007 & Norton Internet Security 2007 for £99.99.

The individual selling costs are

£99.99 - M/S Office (Student) 2007
£49.99 - Norton Internet Security 2007

I checked my receipt to see where the discount was, but it only shows the total £99.99. Perhaps it is buy MS Office and get Internet Security free? But, I'm not sure.

I also checked the webpage, but the discount was not listed there, so perhaps only instore offer.

Hopefully I will have posted a picture of my reciept in the comments page for you to see.
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can't get reciept picture up, but looks like currys have a better deal on it anyway.

Well spotted Diodorus-siculs!!!

Fortunately I've not opened the boxes, so I can get my money back and save myself another £10 at currys.

Cheers, windhoek
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For completeness
Don't see Norton as even a freebie. Causes so many problems on computer, if not now - when it comes to renewal. I regretted the day I ever installed it. Happy with AVG now.

MS Student is £72 in Costco (if you are a member). If you are a student, your Uni IT depts should also sell it for about this price. At the very least, you should get discount with a student / connections card. Teachers can also get discount on this.
If you work for the NHS in England you can get MS Office for free from Microsoft. You have to pay £20 P&P. Its part of the MS Home User Programme which many corporates sign up to.....
Ms office 2007 doesn't include outlook
Amazon have a better deal for £74.98 for Office 2003 Student Version
includes license for 3 pc…8-1

What's wrong with OpenOffice? Why does anyone want to buy MS Office when you can get this great software package for free! Before you go out and spend that good earned cash give Open Office a go, you will not be get AVG while your on the net (also free), you won't need Norton either!
Or even NeoOffice, all open source versions of Sun Microsystems StarOffice.

Can you give more info on this; my best friend (other than Mrs Siculus Can you give more info on this; my best friend (other than Mrs Siculus ) works in NHS so I'd like to ask her to get it for me. Some parts of Office 2007 are interesting.

Instructions are on the page below. You need (or your friend needs) to have an NHS email address…spx

and you can choose between office 2007 or office 2003 or office XP

I could post this as a deal but it would probably pee everybody off...
The deal for NHS staff is incredible - thanks! £17.31 for Office 2007 Enterprise Edition? Unbelievable.
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