Microsoft OneCare 60% off annual Subscription £14.99 for 3 PC's

Microsoft OneCare 60% off annual Subscription £14.99 for 3 PC's

Found 9th Jan 2008
I know that this will get voted cold because its a Microsoft Product, and its Anti virus, but as a service to the community, here it is anyway.

As a reward for taking part in their BETA program, they are giving away discounts from £34.99 to £14.99 for 3 PC's thats £5 per pc per year...

I've used it for a year and its pretty good, it will slow down your PC a little (but what Anti Virus won't?) but it does what it says on the tin...

OneCare helps keep your PC safe and secure while making your life easier. From virus scanning, file backups, to automatic printing sharing of all the PCs in your household, OneCare helps manage it all for you. And it's delivered to you in a smooth, hassle-free package.


Good deal - I almost got this for full price last week.

Just read the blurb - it says...

This is an annual subscription that will be automatically renewed every year at the then current price unless you cancel your account or select an alternative plan. You must agree to the Windows Live OneCare Subscription Agreement to access the service. Major credit card required. Prices subject to change. Valid in UK only.

If this is true then it sounds like the half price offer is not jsut for the first year - it will also last for subsequent years. Excellent offer it this is true...

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I'll vote cold - here's … I'll vote cold - here's why's an offer on F-Secure, which I'd recommend over OneCare at if that helps

Thats fair enough, but that review was from a long time ago, it has undergone numerous improvements since then.

The reason I got this offer was for taking part in the V2 BETA which has a lot of additional functionality, online backup, group management, lots of improvements.

Ive used it for a year and had no issues.

I have always recommended to my friends the freebies out there, they are good enough to help secure, as much as possible, your PC
but if its at this price then is a good price I guess

Unfortunately that offer has expired.

I have found something similar:…8a3

Hope it helps.



Stick free with freebies as just as good if not better

firewall - comodo firewall pro

AV - AVG free edition



windows defender is with Vista for free anyway. Good price though for an all-in suite. Voted hot.
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