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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 - Glacier - 5G smartphone - 256 GB - GSM for £637.19 @ Insight

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Seems that the price of the successor to the venerable Duo is finally falling. Showing in stock. You'll know if you want one.

NB: Pricing Type shows as Demo.
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    I think these are ex-demo units:

    Microsoft Surface Duo 2 - 5G smartphone - dual-SIM - RAM 8 GB / Internal Memory 256 GB - OLED display - 8.3" 2688 x 1892 pixels (90 Hz) - 3x rear cameras 12 MP, 12 MP, 16 MP 12 MP - demo - Glacier
    Well spotted!
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    Anyone know when android 13 comes to the surface duo 1 & 2?
    Discussions are being had internally whether to push an update to Android 13 or wait for Android 14. As it stands going from 12L to 13 wont really make a big difference. It's all on the OEM/Microsoft to improve their version of Android.

    According to Windows Central, new features currently being worked on include a improved Remote Desktop mode when docking the phone to a large screen, the ability write directly onto the lockscreen with a Surface Pen, etc.
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    Will this show Teams on a mobile device or PC??
    The Duo can dual-boot into Windows too, and therefore whatever runs under that.
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    think Microsoft have it right with screens like this that crease is so annoying on the fold made worse few years ago at ine the shows samsung showcased screen u can snap together and you don't seen were its joined they could done that with the fold phone
    Could you maybe put those into the right order
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    MS confirmed 3 years of software updates
    Released October 201 --> End of Support October 2024

    Interested and would fit my workflow BUT can't justify spending hundreds on a device that will be unsupported in about 18 months
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    No outside screen on these so what happens when it's folded and someone calls, can you not see who it is? Is this even a smartphone, maybe the SIM is for data only and no phone function.
    You just open it, fold the screen back on itself and answer the call. It's a phone.
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    Got all excited

    Would be on rishis lap
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    End of a an era this form factor will be replaced with a folding display like folds on the next model this may mean software updates may be dropped.. A bit upset as true multitasking was good on this device. (edited)
    I'm hopeful as the current software essentially renders it as 1 big window and then divides it in half, that even with a foldable version the only difference should be not having a "gap" (the current one leaves a few lines of pixels between the 2 open apps)
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    Bought a V50 with dual screen case option from a previous HUK deal...too heavy an chunky for daily use, so moved on to this Duo 2.
    Great device that currently holds its value well and great for those who need 2 separate screen in one portable device.
    Not a tablet substitute due to the gap in the middle so if that's your goal, the Galaxy Fold is a great tablet substitute.
    You should have tried the LG Wing though it depends what you want to do with the second screen and if you intend to stretch apps across both.

    The Wing is much more like a regular phone - it doesn't look any different from a regular phone.

    Hopefully someone will replicate the form factor in the future and perhaps make it slimmer, lighter, and improve a couple of elements.