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Posted 22 September 2022

Microsoft Surface Duo 14.2 cm (5.6") Dual SIM Android 10.0 4G USB Type-C 6 GB 256 GB 3577 mAh, White - £349.20 @ Technoworld

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Came across this whilst looking at their website for something else. Seems a steal as magic pie is selling at about £200 more and that's 2nd hand

Android 10, Corning Gorilla Glass, 5.6" AMOLED single display, 8.1" AMOLED dual display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, 6/256 GB, USB Type-C, 3577mAh dual battery

Open new business possibilities Two high-resolution screens and flexible modes deliver new ways for employees to elevate their productivity. Expand your view Use both displays to view two apps side by side, span one across both screens or drag and drop them between screens. Value for small business Surface for Business helps save time and money with streamlined deployment, modern device management, and built-in cloud-powered security. Empower teams, data and systems with connected experiences from Surface and Microsoft 365. Plenty of screen space to be productive Two ultra-thin, high-resolution 5.6-inch PixelSense Fusion Displays open to an expansive 8.1 inches with a revolutionary 360° hinge. Teams, Outlook, and more, plus Android apps Get the best of Microsoft 365 mobile experiences, every Android app in the Google Play Store and built-in compatibility with your Windows 10 PC. All supported by modern device management and built-in, cloud-powered security. Flexible modes of use Whether reading mails in Book mode, jotting notes in Compose mode or taking video calls in Tent mode, you'll get versatility and convenience for on-the-go productivity. Redefine mobile productivity Introducing revolutionary new ways to use a mobile device thanks to an innovative 360° hinge, two screens and apps that seamlessly work together. More productive video calls In a Microsoft Teams call, participate in the video conference on one screen, while on the other screen you access a different app. Save a step with drag and drop Work faster when you can seamlessly drag content from one app to another. Take notes with on-screen inking Follow along on Microsoft Teams calls on one screen, while you handwrite notes with Surface Slim Pen on the other. Get more screen when you need it To give yourself a better view of the details, span enhanced apps across both screens. Two apps, side by side Open and view two apps at the same time to compare content. Work smarter with dual-screen enhanced apps Be more productive with apps optimised for two screens. Use both screens to immerse yourself in your work. Flexibility to do more A 360° hinge and versatile modes of use flip, open and rotate Surface Duo to the perfect view, wherever and however you work. Book Mode Hold Surface Duo just like a book to read emails and docs, view presentations or span dual-screen enhanced apps. Compose Mode Transform Surface Duo into a mini laptop. In Compose Mode, the bottom screen becomes a virtual keyboard to write emails, send texts, edit docs, and more. Peek Mode Quickly glimpse new emails, notifications and calls on the right-hand display by partially opening the screen. Tent Mode Lean in to collaborate. Take hands-free Microsoft Teams video calls in Tent mode.

info added by @wadz

Pixel density - 401 ppi
Display type - AMOLED
Touchscreen - Yes
Display resolution - 1800 x 1350 pixels
Display diagonal - 14.2 cm (5.6")
Display diagonal (unfolded) - 20.6 cm (8.1")
Display resolution (unfolded) - 2700 x 1800 pixels
Display glass type - Gorilla Glass
Native aspect ratio - 4:3
Processor family - Qualcomm Snapdragon
Processor model - 855
RAM capacity - 6 GB
Internal storage capacity - 256 GB
Compatible memory cards - Not supported

Packaging content:
AC adapter
Warranty card
Quick start guide
USB Type-C
SIM card ejector pin
Protective case
AC adapter power - 18 W

Surface Duo Review: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly! Review by Marques Brownlee

Technoworld More details at
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**Updated to Android 12 in UK 24/10/22**

A "Protective case" is included with this device - the "Microsoft Surface Duo Bumper" case. It wraps around the edges of the phone, protecting not only the body but the hinges as well.

Use the supplied charger! My device had dead flat battery on delivery. It refused to charge on my two existing (decent) chargers and cables (same) - 0 power bars showing after (attempted) charge overnight. So, plugged in the supplied power plug and cable and device came to life quickly, then began offering set-up....After first charge and boot other chargers work fine.

Sold as dual SIM, but one is an E-SIM; your options for getting one are very limited in the UK
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  1. zoidster's avatar
    If you’re interested in this, Keep in mind that when it was launched, the software really sucked, so you’ll see loads of reviews and comments from people telling you it absolutely sucks, and for a while they were 100% correct.

    However, surprisingly Microsoft have updated the hell out this thing! Now while it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea as a Daily Driver phone, and the camera isn’t amazing, it’s actually a really fun and useful device, and if you appreciate great design and engineering it’s a beautiful device that’s impossibly thin, this doesn’t come across in Photos, but there is this “wow” factor, where you are wondering how the hell there can be a screen battery and electronics inside this thing!

    Microsoft have done the complete opposite of leaving this device in the cold, it’s bang up to date with security (still Android 11, with 12L coming soon). …and in terms of Security updates, it might surprise you to know it’s actually more up to date than the Galaxy Fold 4!

    If you are curious check out Shane Craig (scaryifliteral) on YouTube, he has loads of cool content. (edited)
    emlin's avatar
    What's the battery like, please?
  2. ian.walker's avatar
    This is the version 1 device - the Surface Duo 2 is much improved and should be anyone's first choice (albeit not at this price!)
    marcus.wheeler's avatar
    Price is unbelievable when you consider that the Duo 1 will be running Android 12L and receives the same software updates as the Duo 2. Going to grab this as my work phone I reckon
  3. RMED24's avatar
    This has alright specs for the price, and is alright if you're into multitasking. But what lets it down for me is the software support for this dual display. Android isn't designed for this form factor, and I believe Microsoft didn't really put enough attention into this either. Expect a lot of issues with weird workarounds

    Also that 6gb RAM when multitasking on dual displays 😬 (edited)
    Dwrighty-uk's avatar
    Android 12L should help with this, which Microsoft have commited to delivering for Surface Duo.
  4. J_MR's avatar
    Cheap because it's the last stock in the channel. Not a great phone, but I work with Technoworld regularly and they are a family owned etailer and a good bunch.
  5. SharpSpotter1907's avatar
    I was on a Mi 10T pro device + iphone 12 (work)
    My intention is to keep my work device separate due to compliance reasons. That being said I can take pictures for personal reasons but can't have a facility such as dropbox.

    I took up this deal and here are my impressions:

    - AMOLED screens are very nice but on videos etc there is no benefit due to the shape not being optimised for youtube etc. The real benefit is in browsing. The resolution and shape really works reading text in every shape or form.
    - Calling experience is awful, you will be relying on headphones all the time. I am a XL size person, my hands are much bigger than an average person, i need to buy the largest sized gloves and half the time they will be too small. Even with these hands holding the phone isn't nice.
    - Protection is impossible due to the design. the back casing is exposed all the time, the glass is also easy to damage because debris gets stuck in between
    - Pictures are terrible.
    - I had to scan a QR code to enter a place, it managed it but wasn't easy to focus on the QR code.


    As a phone it isn't good enough, painful to carry, use.
    As a tablet it is excellent. An ipad mini would be difficult and lack the applications you want to have at hand. So it ticks a big box there.
    I thought i would use the work iphone for pictures, but what's the point if you can't upload them to dropbox or to whatsapp them over.

    I will continue to use it for now.
  6. amir_choudhary's avatar
    It's now on for 299
    solid's avatar
    How many more of these things do they have left to sell???
  7. stec77's avatar
    Would this be overkill for browsing websites such as HUKD etc and video predominately YouTube? Thanks in advance. 
    Dwrighty-uk's avatar
    If you’re looking at multitasking, this is great. YouTube on one screen and HUKD on the other it would be perfect.

    If you’re looking at YouTube across the two screens, you have the bezels down the middle of the screens.


    - D
  8. Maskarova's avatar
    Can you use a generic stylus with this or is it just surface pens?
    toodeep's avatar
    Inexpensive third-party pens claiming Surface compatibility work just fine in my experience. There's no need to spend on the official MS product.
  9. sleepingwonder's avatar
    Camera and speakers are poor on this apparently
    Dwrighty-uk's avatar
    I have Surface Duo 2 and I love it. As a companion device. For me, I see it as a mobile computer rather than a mobile phone (which is what Microsoft allegedly wanted it to be).

    The camera and speakers are perfectly adequate for meetings and scanning documents, etc but you're right if you expect Apple/Samsung/Google quality of photos.

    At this price it is great as a mini-Surface.
  10. StillTheFlyest's avatar
    Never heard of technoworld, are they a trusted company?
    Akram's avatar
    Akram Author
    I can attest that they are kosher, got a surface pro 8 off them a few weeks ago. They also have high Google and trust advisor ratings
  11. u20pia's avatar
    Have received mine. Thanks OP. Kudos also to the company selling it as they don’t mess around with dispatching. They processed my order the next working day and delivery was the very day after. I like it so far. I’m not going to use it as a phone as I am quite happy with my current phone for that purpose. Just wanted something to use for some tasks that my macbook is too big for and that my iphone too small for.
    Dwrighty-uk's avatar
    That’s what I use mine for. I use mine in meetings with OneNote.
  12. ken218's avatar
    Update to Android 12L is out. Update is about 2.6GB I think. Besides the settings page, I don’t feel there is much difference. Apps that didn’t work well with the dual screen layout doesn’t “magically’” work better.
  13. BrianButterfield's avatar
    See this is the kind of foldable I'd be in to as it has a screen your fingernails cannot damage. Although I obviously want a version that's good and I want Microsoft to bring back a mobile ARM version of Windows. Which they will have to do any way seeing as ARM is the future and x86 just continues to fall behind.
    fishtastic's avatar
    You can install Windows for ARM on this. There's videos on YouTube going through the procedure.
  14. sampain's avatar
    TEMPTED!!!!! Someone stop me please.
    Rich_T's avatar
    Buy one! I have
  15. stec77's avatar
    Is this available in any physical stores to get a feel for the device? Thanks in advance.
    wazza12's avatar
    Microsoft store in London was the only place I could find a display model.
  16. bilalbilal's avatar
    Same experience here....ordered yesterday and delivered this morning.

    Does anyone know if you can return after opening? (edited)
    VeganPolice's avatar
    "For consumers only we allow unwanted items to be returned within 14 days from date of delivery for refund or exchange, so long as they have not been used. This return will be at the discretion of Technoworld and if accepted may be subject to a diminished value charge.

    If all requirements are met, we will give you a refund for the cost of the product plus the delivery charge to the value of our least expensive delivery option and less any collection charges agreed if you had selected Technoworld to arrange the return on your behalf."
  17. Zlatan9's avatar
    Oos ? (edited)
    pizzapasta118's avatar
    Still showing as in stock for me and letting me check out, same as when I bought one earlier tonight. There is an error message sometimes when adding to the basket, but try again and it should work ok.
  18. mcm900's avatar
    This YouTuber is probably top for Duo content. I like his videos and he uploads regularly.

    AezM's avatar
    I agree. He's the best YouTuber for duo content. Anyone considering this device or who is on the fence about it like I was before finding his content, I suggest you take a few hours and watch many of his vids.

    This device is not for everyone. If you seriously value productivity!/multitasking over the best camera on the market then this may be for you. I doubt you will get a better product for productivity for the price.
    PS if you treat your phone like an invincible object then this is definitely not for you. All side are covered in glass. 48286824-qphxO.jpgI've added a little protection to mine
  19. DevilWithin's avatar
    Anyone have any case recommendations for this? I've inevitably cracked and bought one...
    toodeep's avatar
    It's supplied with bumpers, and when closed the screens are protected in any case so arguably this is the phone that least needs a case.
  20. John_Mason's avatar
    I ordered this late Thursday night with 7 day free delivery and DPD delivered on Saturday mid-morning.

    I can confirm it was brand new in a sealed box. Buy with confidence.
  21. scottythejock's avatar
    Finally caved and ordered this last night. Intended to be a tablet type device rather than daily driver phone, as camera is important to me. Currently use an iPhone 12. Ordered with free delivery, did anyone else select that and how long did it take to arrive?

    Despite not intending to switch to android full time, interested to hear if anyone made the leap from iOS to android after being tightly integrated with apples ecosystem? (edited)
    andrew_c77's avatar
    I got mine next working day. I think most people who ordered using free delivery also got them next day.
  22. Xanth19's avatar
    - ve 4G, NFC
    Game changer - 2 screens for multi tasking
    Beautiful design - will get skin to protect
    Will be able to use it to fullfill simple laptop tasks a document editing, simple spreadsheets
    Pair with my iPhone for internet in the go
    Option to use a a phone for some occasions I don’t want to carry 2 devices
    The camera was average but ok
    I really like it for my use case

    That’s my experience after day 1.
    Nichnich's avatar
    I wait day 14 feedback when the novelty wears off
  23. emlin's avatar
    Does anyone know what the warranty offered is on this? Thanks.
    Cedric_Cottage's avatar
    No idea and cannot see it in my account and no idea where the paperwork may be from when it was deliverd. Would be good to knlw really.
  24. forcedv's avatar
    Who's got the Cojones to put Windows 11 onto this?
  25. nzmtbz's avatar
    after seeing this post last night spent 2 hours reading up on it and watching videos including Shane Craig before biting.
    I'm going to use it as my work phone. will still continue to use my Huawei P30 Pro as my personal phone as value a decent camera.
    worst that can happen is that I sell it if it doesn't work out. For £349 worth a try

    heat to OP.
    Feargal's avatar
    How are you getting on with it?

    Any owners confirm wi-fi calling is supported and what network you are on please? £27 postage is the only option i have unffortunately.
  26. Aethan's avatar
    I have ordered really early on Friday morning (@6AM) opting for the free 7 day delivery and I have received it by Saturday noon (@1 PM) via dpd. Really impressed with the delivery.

    I can also confirm that it was a brand new product in a sealed box. The build quality is stellar.

    Thanks OP! (edited)
  27. Rich_T's avatar
    Ordered thanks OP, this is to replace my ageing LG V50s thinq dual screen which I love!
    forcedv's avatar
    Yep just dropped and cracked my V50 so good timing
  28. ROSEBEAVER's avatar
    Why is this deal still live?! I am trying my best not to buy one and the longevity of this deal is not helping!
    u20pia's avatar
    Same, it got me today! I could only resist for 2 days lol
  29. pringler's avatar
    Damn still not sold out. I was hoping it was as I really don’t need this but want it for some reason!
    sc03tye's avatar
    Don’t do it lol
  30. Jimolya's avatar
    Well that was quick, mines just arrived. Ordered yesterday with free delivery option. Time to set it up now 48285221-jhZaH.jpg
    VeganPolice's avatar
    Which courier did they use?
  31. HUX1's avatar
    I initially thought this was garbage. I opted for the galaxy fold but the crease has split from folding the phone and samsung won't cover under warranty! Even though its a common issue.

    I now think Microsoft got it right! This is a bargain just the camera holding me back. Looking for a deal on the 2 instead
    ah_heng's avatar
    Me too. If the Duo 2 drop within this price range in a few months time, happy days
  32. bug1baby's avatar
    Mine arrived today - really impressive concept. I have the Z Fold 4 too and this gives it a run for its money for work/productivity (though could be the novelty talking!) Will put an O2 SIM I got for Volt upgrade and use it as a companion phone I reckon. Thanks for posting OP
  33. Mattyclul's avatar
    Interesting response from the company as I've decided to return mine:

    "As goods are open box, there may be a diminished value fee as goods are no longer sellable in brand new, pristine, retail condition. Our general charge is 25% but given goods were opened for inspection only, I am happy to reduce this to 10% (Pending inspection by Technoworld upon receipt of the device)" (edited)
    Monkey.nuts.2's avatar
    I guess they aren’t as big an outfit as Amazon and can’t afford to take back what’s already a massively reduced item and suffer more of a loss.

    Sucks as a customer though.

    Why are you returning it?
    I’m still in two minds about buying one.
  34. forcedv's avatar
    Second hand cracked one sell for more than this on the bay so after using for a few months, you'll still be in profit
  35. Jimolya's avatar
    Good price for the 256GB version, heat!
    Always been tempted to try this so ordered it! (edited)
    stkrup's avatar
    Me too
  36. sxxychocolate's avatar
    Nice price and at that price, definitely a brill option if you can't afford the newer costlier foldable options....

    Thanks for posting
  37. dan_uk's avatar
    Heat for sure, but lack of NFC is a deal-breaker for me, but even without that I was still borderline on getting one. My buddy uses one for work and I've always been impressed by it and it's been more robust than I would have predicted.

    Must stop typing as I'm talking myself back into getting one
    John_Mason's avatar
    Go on, you know it makes sense
  38. _Sparky_'s avatar
    Cool but to pocket it I'd have to go full Madness and buy some Baggy Trousers.
  39. OptimusBrides's avatar
    I have a Duo 2 and I'm tempted.
  40. bluejmc2005's avatar
    Could not resist at this price. Thanks OP
's avatar